Janet’s rep confirm she has left Island Def Jam

In a statement to People Magazine, Janet’s representative has confirmed that she is no longer with Island Def Jam:

Janet Jackson has terminated her relationship with her label, Island Records, her publicist announced Monday.

“At her request, the record label has agreed to dissolve their working relationship,” the singer’s rep said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Now more than 20 years after the release of her iconic album, Control, Janet will have autonomy over her career, without the restrictions of a label system.”

A rep for Island Records had no comment.

Jackson, 42, first discussed her label woes in June, when she told the hip hop Web site, “I’m trying to figure out a way to say this, but just to say it and to be quite honest, they just stopped all promotion whatsoever on the album, so I don’t think you’re going to hear another single off this album.”

Concert Tour Continues

At the time, an Island Def Jam spokesperson told Billboard, “Unfortunately, we haven’t experienced the results we would have liked with this new album. But we respect and support Janet.”

Jackson was signed to Island Records in July 2007, and released her album Discipline, which debuted at No. 1, on the label in February.

Despite the break with Island, Jackson will continue to perform her Rock Witchu tour across North America.

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Over 200 tour photos now in the gallery

You can now view over 200 photos from Janet´s Los Angeles show in the Janet Love Gallery. The photos show all of Janet´s costume changes plus the moment when Janet picks a member of the audience to bring up on stage during her song Discipline.

Also, if you have any photos of any of Janet´s tour dates don´t forget you can add them on Janet Fans now – the rapidly growing online social networking community for Janet fans worldwide.

See many more photos in the Janet Love Gallery.

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JD posts video from Los Angeles show

JD posted a video on YouTube of Janet´s recent show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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First look at tour video interludes

The digital agency involved in designing the virtual reality graphics and video interludes for the tour has given a behind the scenes look at the creation process as well as sharing some short videos used during the show.

When onedotzero calls and asks you if you want to make some video to play back during a concert performance, and that performance will be done by one of the biggest pop stars of all time, and you get to pretty much do what you want…how the hell do you turn that down?

You don’t. This was one of those projects that just showed up out of the blue and we had to take it.

The timeline was short (nearly 2 weeks). The technical constraints were different than we were used to (a grid of 56 different LED screens making a 30 foot wide and 16 foot tall wall of video), and we would be working blind for a portion coming up with whatever we wanted…which is weird coming from a client regardless of who they are.

After a last minute (meaning we found out the day before) trip to LA to shoot Janet Jackson on greenscreen, we huddled up for a couple days coming up with our plan and began rounding up assets. Once we received the footage from the shoot, we went into a production hole that we would only be able to emerge from once we were done. Many, many late nights later we had a solid round of content to present to Janet for approval.

Here’s where some project explanation needs to happen. The whole show, which you should try to see if it comes near you, is based on a futuristic blade runner-like scenario, and there are forces battling for Janet’s very soul. Our job was to turn Janet into good and evil versions of herself showing the struggle, but also be very techno-apocalyptic in style for both the good and evil characters…which according to Janet we nailed.

Some hefty sound design support was provided by the superstar Guy Baker over at Digital One.

Below are some screen grabs and a couple clips showing off the final look for the good and evil characters:


Review: Janet Jackson still a trend-setter, diva, and marvelous performer

In the fad-hungry world of pop music, seven years is a lifetime.

Many who make it to the tops of the charts one year will be nothing but a frothy memory seven years after their career climax.

But Janet Jackson – who launched her first tour in seven years Wednesday night with a high-voltage performance at GM Place – has a secure place in the pop world. The soft-spoken diva has a fan base and track record that allow her the rare privilege of hiding from the spotlight for years at a time before breaking out again.

When she decides it's time for a tour, Janet Jackson makes sure it's done right.

But when she decides it’s time for a tour, Ms. Jackson makes sure it’s done right. And when she promises fans the show is going to be packed with hits, costumes and dancers, she doesn’t disappoint.

Within the first 10 minutes of the show, Jackson powered through four hits, covering material that spanned an impressive 22 year range. The opening set made it abundantly clear that Jackson has weathered many different musical trends and eras, but has always remained an individual.

Blasting off with The Pleasure Principle, off her 1986 breakthrough album, Control, Jackson quickly set the tone for a show that had a serious celebratory party vibe. The 42-year-old danced and sang her way through What Have You Done for Me Lately and onto Feedback, the lead single off her most recent album, Discipline.

With an ear-piercing blast of pyrotechnics, a fog of thick cloud and dancers that popped up out of the stage and runway, Jackson proved within the first few minutes that she didn’t choose the low-budget route for her Rock Witchu Tour.

The costume changes came fast and furious, ranging from futuristic space wear to a sailor-inspired number that included a curious corset to a long red sequined gown – which she wore for her slowed-down set of four ballads (including Come Back to Me, Let’s Wait Awhile and Again). Nine dancers did their best to keep up with her on stage, a video screen behind showed graphics and images to enhance the mood, moveable staircases created layered interest, and a band worked away off to the side.

The crowd – which didn’t quite fill the stadium – was on the quiet side to begin with, but exploded with high-pitched cheers for mega-hits like Nasty, Miss You Much and Together Again.

But it was after that last tune – Janet’s eighth No. 1 hit on the Billboard charts – that the audience went wild.

For what seemed like minutes, Jackson stood alone, at the end of the runway, gesturing gratitude with her hands and allowing a few tears to roll down her cheeks. Judging from the screams, that kind of emotional display from Ms. Janet  was worth more to the 11,000 or so fans than all the dance moves in her repertoire.

But while Jackson can be endearingly sweet and tender, she can play nasty just as well, if not better.

Toward the end of the more than two-hour show, Jackson put on an S&M display that would have either made you blush with embarrassment or flushed with lust, depending on your range of sexual fantasies.

For one enthusiastic male fan, it might have actually been a fantasy come true as he was hoisted up on stage, walked towards a torture-like device, and hoisted into various compromising positions as Ms. Janet and her dancers had their way with him. But it was probably a good thing there were barely any young kids in the crowd.

Rhythm Nation, one of Jackson’s signature classics, was one of the last songs of the night and was presented with so many deafening fireworks explosions, I briefly felt we were under attack.

And, in a sense, we were. Janet Jackson’s latest choreographed concert spectacle is an aggressive reminder to the world that she is a woman who has risen above fads and scandal (who can forget the famous Superbowl wardrobe malfunction?). It is a reminder that she is a trend-setter in her own right, a true diva, and a marvelous performer.


Thanks to Amy O’Brian, Vancouver Sun


The tour kicks off!

Janet Jackson kicked off her new Rock With U tour in Vancouver on Wednesday to amazing reviews!

“It is a reminder that she is a trend-setter in her own right, a true diva, and a marvelous performer,” says the critic for the Vancouver Sun.

The show lasted a whopping 2.5 hours, featured around 10 dancers and just as many costume changes for Miz Jackson.

Here is the amazing (final) set list for the concert:

Pleasure Principle
What Have You Done For Me Lately
You Want This
Miss You Much
Rhythm Nation – Interlude
Never Letchu Go
Come Back To Me
Let’s Wait Awhile
So Excited
So Much Betta
All Nite (Don’t Stop)
Rock With U
Together Again
Young Love
Say You Do
Don’t Stand Another Chance
Doesn’t Really Matter
Love Will Never Do (Without You)
When I Think Of You
All For You
Got ‘Til It’s Gone
Call On Me
That’s The Way Love Goes
I Get Lonely
Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)
Any Time, Any Place
Black Cat
Rhythm Nation

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JD posts vlog from Janet on YouTube

Jermaine Dupri has posted a vlog of Janet on YouTube. It shows Janet on her tour bus giving a message to her fans. Watch it below:



Tour merchandise available for purchase online

Merchandise from the Rock Witchu Tour can now be officially purchased from They include t-shirts, the tour programme, hotpants, buttons and posters.

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JD posts video from opening night in Vancouver

Jermaine Dupri has posted a video on YouTube of Janet’s opening night in Vancouver. Watch it below.


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Rehearsal photo from tour

JDJ Entertainment has released a photo of Janet rehearsing for tonight’s show in Vancouver. Check it out below.