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Janet pays a surprise visit to dance students

Janet paid a surprise visit to dance students at Zeal Studio Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan today.

When students at the dance studio were told to practice several dance routines to Janet Jackson songs, they were told their reward would be a visit from one of her choreographers.
Gathered at the dance studio, they were excited enough – and were amazed when the choreographer turned out to be Janet herself.

She entered the dance studio to squeals of surprise and settled on a studio couch to watch the students perform to two songs from her new ‘Discipline’ album – ‘Rock With You’ and ‘Feedback’.

Then Janet gave a little feedback of her own, taking several questions from the dance students.

Janet said: “We’re always holding auditions and people come from all over the world actually. From Europe we’ve had kids. We’ve had kids come from Japan actually to audition so that’s really where to begins. Every time we embark on a new project we hold auditions or for a tour, we hold auditions.”

One dance student asked Janet: “I’m taking dance lessons and voice training. What else should I do to become big star like you?”
Janet replied: “Oh, You do? You do? I would add acting to that. Take acting class, really. It’s all about being a triple threat these days, being able to do everything. That’s the way they did back in the day, like the movies I was telling you I watched. They could act and they could sing and they could dance, and then they went on to do things that their hearts, I guess, dreamed of like direct or choreograph so I would take acting classes and stick with it. Stick with it. ”

Another student then askde: “I’m 12 years old. Please give me some advice on how to dance sexy jazz dance for 12 year old girl.”

Janet answered: “Sexy jazz dance at 12 years old? I don’t know. I wasn’t dancing sexy at 12 years old so I don’t know what to tell you but to keep studying and practicing the way that you do and it will come. It will definitely come.”

Janet added: “Dance to me is everything. I love what I do. I love writing music. I love creating music and singing it but it really wouldn’t be what it truly is for me without the dance and dance, it expresses. Everyone, you have your own feel and your own style and it’s a great way, you are individual so you are able to express yourself through your dance, making you who you are and expressing that through your dance.”

Janet ended the visit by posing with students for photographs.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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ping please!!!! janet is not anywhere near over. janet has done something that is very positive and you just had to think of something negative to say. B**** sit down!!!!!

Ping. Nothing but Love for You. Cause Love Conquers Hate. Don’t be overtaken by the wrong feelings, and you are wrong, because Mariah and Madonna are doing what they do (their thing), only hate/envy would equate and translate that to doing something they would not do, “Kick Janet’s Ass.” I know you meant that productivity wise, but channel your passion into your own talents. Don’t waste it on berating others.

I love this women! How many stars do things out of the kindness of their hearts and not for the camera these days.Even haters come to her sites to check her out.That’s how heavy she is!!

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