2nite in Sex and the City

Janet’s track 2nite from the album Discipline appears in the new movie Sex and the City. I’ve just come back from seeing it and the song plays in the background during the Rehearsal Dinner scene.

Darren Blogs

Janet’s European vibe

So a little thought occurred to me yesterday as I was listening to the Damita Jo album. Some of my favourite Janet tracks of recent years are European produced or written. Producers like Stargate and writers like Cathy Dennis have given Janet some of her best tracks in my opinion.

Now, does that mean that because I’m British I affiliate more with such songs? Or does it just mean that the songs are actually bloody good and have an international reach?

For those of you that aren’t sure which tracks I’m talking about, they include: 2nite, Island Life, All Nite (Don’t Stop) and Slolove.

In fact, I’d be bold enough to say that I think Janet should work with Stargate on a whole album of up-tempo stuff – because (in my opinion again!) that’s the best material she produces! But maybe that’s just because I’m a British/European music lover.

I’d welcome your thoughts – especially Transatlantic ones.

Darren Blogs

Janet mashups

So there are quite a few decent Janet music mashups on the internet featuring some of her tracks mixed together.

Indeed, there are others which feature a Janet track hashed with another artist.

But they never seem to be the ones I want to hear. I am dying to hear a version of R&B Junkie mixed with 2Nite and also Let Me Know mixed with Wanna Love You Girl by Robin Thicke as they have identical beats.

So if anyone knows of one, or feels like making one then you’d be my ickle hero!