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Janet’s European vibe

So a little thought occurred to me yesterday as I was listening to the Damita Jo album. Some of my favourite Janet tracks of recent years are European produced or written. Producers like Stargate and writers like Cathy Dennis have given Janet some of her best tracks in my opinion.

Now, does that mean that because I’m British I affiliate more with such songs? Or does it just mean that the songs are actually bloody good and have an international reach?

For those of you that aren’t sure which tracks I’m talking about, they include: 2nite, Island Life, All Nite (Don’t Stop) and Slolove.

In fact, I’d be bold enough to say that I think Janet should work with Stargate on a whole album of up-tempo stuff – because (in my opinion again!) that’s the best material she produces! But maybe that’s just because I’m a British/European music lover.

I’d welcome your thoughts – especially Transatlantic ones.


Jamaican rapper Red Rat works with Janet

In an interview with The Jamaica Observer, Jamaican rapper Red Rat has said that he has been working on Can’t B Good with Janet. At the moment, no further details have been released as to whether the song will be re-released, or whether the version will simply be a remix.

Red Rat is quoted as saying: “Actually, I just finished doing a song with Janet Jackson which will be my next single.

“The song with Janet Jackson is called This Can’t Be Good. It suppose to be the second single of her album, so wi a cross wi fingers and wi toes yuh nuh.”

This will be the third time that Janet has collaborated with a Jamaican artist, having worked with Beenie Man on Feel It Boy and Elephant Man on a remix of All Nite (Don’t Stop). Both have previously been surrounded in controversy because of the artists’ apparently homophobic lyrics.

There appears to be no evidence linking Red Rat to any similar controversy.

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Rewind to 2004: Janet on Jonathan Ross

In what is perhaps my favourite ever UK-based Janet interview, I wanted to give those of you that never saw it first time round a chance to watch Janet on the BBC show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Watch the two clips below.