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Janet mashups

So there are quite a few decent Janet music mashups on the internet featuring some of her tracks mixed together.

Indeed, there are others which feature a Janet track hashed with another artist.

But they never seem to be the ones I want to hear. I am dying to hear a version of R&B Junkie mixed with 2Nite and also Let Me Know mixed with Wanna Love You Girl by Robin Thicke as they have identical beats.

So if anyone knows of one, or feels like making one then you’d be my ickle hero!




By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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hey darren
btw love the website. i been a janet fan since i was 4 years old on ‘fame’ and have praised queenJanet ever since. i’m a dancer/choreographer in NYC and i’m also a DJ. i have a ton of janet mash ups i’ve done myself including janet megamixes. i am currently working on the ultimate janet non-stop megamix with all of her old stuff, nu stuff, rare stuff and b-sides. i would love for you to hear them i’m sure you’d love ’em all. let me know.


Hey guys,

I am always looking for new Janet remixes. I’ve been a fan since Different Strokes and I saw her dance in the ‘What Have you Done for Me Lately’ video. Pleasure Principle and Rhythm Nation were awesome. I always thought she could be as big as Michael. Do you remember her dancing at the American Music Awards to a remix of ‘What Have you Done’ and a dancer flipped her upside down? As of late, I’ve kind of wanted her to up her dancing game, and feel she has more to show. I have a huge painting of her in my room and a ton of posters. I’ve been waiting for her to tour for the last 3 albums. She tours with every album, so I was surprised when she cancelled the last 2, even with poor sales for the first time ever. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I thought Feedback would go to number one. It is incredible but I don’t hear it on the radio like No Air and Touch my Body every 5 seconds. I don’t see a CD single, with any real mixes, at or Looking at ebay right now. I guess it’s all mp3 now, but I have so many singles on CD I wanted to keep that format going.

I would love to hear ultimate janet non-stop megamix and any mixes you have. Thanks

[email protected]

Although there are some terrible mixes out there , my favourite ones and the ones that sound the most proffesional are

Another Lover Bites The Dust which mixes Someone to call my lover with another one bites the dust by Queen

Love will never dance tonight. Love will never do over the tune to dance tonight by Lucy Pearl

When I think of you starting something, When I think of you to the tune of Wanna be starting something by Michael Jacskon

Miss Sussudio, Miss You Much with Sussudio by Phil Collins, sounds naff but works really well

Men In Black for you. Men in black by Will Smith to the tune of All for you

All Nite (Bangers Mix), all nite tune split into three parts with three tunes one after another in the background one of the best unoffial mixes I have ever heard , one of the samples is get down on it by Kool and the Gang , another is Bad Bad Bad Bad Boy??????? and the third I think is Chic Good Times – It is fantastic

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