Janet tells of her struggle to sleep


In an interview with BlackBook Magazine, Janet has revealed how she often finds it difficult to sleep at night:

“It’s a big issue [insomnia].

“My doctor is not happy with me. I have to take these [supplements] otherwise my brain won’t stop, and I just lay there all night, thinking about everything.

“Usually I just wind up watching cartoons – The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Johnny Quest, Superfriends, you know, the classics.

“And if I get to catch Family Guy, I’m happy. I’m just a kid at heart. Just a big kid.”

She also spoke of her shyness in front of the camera:

“I just get embarrassed so easily.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m in the wrong profession. You know, a photographer will ask me to do something, and I think, ‘What? With all these people around, staring?’

“I don’t know, I guess it’s my insecurity. Maybe when I’m 90, I won’t care and just stick my ass out. But until I’m comfortable…” And she revealed a talent for impersonation.

“My thing was to do impressions [as a child].

“My friends even to this day say I’m an excellent mimic. It comes from being around so many voices at one time.