Janet pictured with dancers at Villa

Janet was photographed on Thursday night with her dancers at Villa in Los Angeles. The troupe, which can be seen left, sees the return of Damita Jo era dancer Nick Bass.

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Janet dines at Katsu-ya

Janet dined at Katsu-ya in Hollywood following her performance last night and finished the night at the club Villa. This is second time in the space of a few weeks that Janet has been to the sushi restaurant, having eaten there after her GLAAD appearance on April 26th. Check out a video of Janet’s departure from Katsu-ya and arrival at Villa.

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Janet dines at Katsu-ya following GLAAD win

Janet dined at sushi restaurant Katsu-ya following her appearance at Saturday night’s GLAAD Awards. Janet was pictured leaving the restaurant and almost tripping over her white pants but was luckily aided by a minder who broke her fall. She then seemingly joked about it with friends as she got into her car. Check out photos and a video showing her departure from Katsu-ya and at Villa in Los Angeles courtesy of WENN and Hollywood TV respectively: