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Watch Janet on Ellen

Janet’s appearance on Ellen from earlier today is now available to watch at RedLasso. Check them out below.


Exclusive: No video for LUV

Janet Love has learnt that Janet will not shoot a video for her single LUV. Despite being released to U.S. urban radio stations, there are no plans to film an accompanying promo. The song is also set to be Janet’s next UK single and will be sent to radio stations next week. A video for Rock With U has been completed and will hit music channels worldwide soon – including UK channels, despite LUV being the next UK single.

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Janet signs ‘Discipline’ in Hollywood

Janet signed copies of her new album Discipline at Virgin Megastore in Hollywood last night. Check out photos below or a short video report on the Fox11 website.




Janet speaks to HX Magazine

hxmagazine.jpgIn a new interview with HX Magazine, a gay oriented New York magazine, Janet has revealed her thoughts on Madonna and what she’d do if she were a man for a day. Read the interview below.

By Clay Cane

With a club-ready new album, Janet Jackson and her gay fans are together again!

Becoming a pop icon takes undeniable talent, ferocious discipline and, of course, a solid gay fan base. The legendary Janet Jackson has all three, and she’s proving it yet again with her tenth studio album, appropriately titled Discipline. Miss Janet returns to her pop roots with infectious tracks like “Luv,” “Tonight” and the hit lead single “Feedback,” all sure to be club hits. However, this isn’t your standard dance record; for those late-night rendezvous, there are freak session songs like the title track, in which Janet coos, “Daddy take your time… I want you to punish me… I need some discipline tonight.” Wow, what’s next—a Janet Jackson booth at the Folsom Street Fair? In a relaxed one-on-one chat, a jovial Jackson dished on her gay friend “Keisha,” celebrity girl-crush and hip-hop world homophobia before giving the greatest advice of all: how to battle a “Madonna” drag queen.

HX: What can Janet’s gay fans expect from the new album, Discipline?
Janet Jackson:
What’s in it for the children? The kids! [Laughs] I know they love to dance—that’s what it is. There’s “Rock With You,” a house song, which everyone’s seemed to have fallen in love with—even the kids in Europe.

At what point in your career did you know you had a gay following?
I think it showed its face more to me, or maybe I realized it more, when I did “Together Again”… what album was that?

That was 1997’s The Velvet Rope!
Thank you very much for knowing my own work! [Laughs] I don’t ever really remembering saying, “I’ve got a pretty nice gay following,” or “The children are really into me.” I never thought about it.

Do you have many gay people in your inner circle?
Yeah, I do.

Who is the closest gay person to you?
His name is Gil, and we’ve been best friends for about 11 years. He’s a creative director and one of the choreographers that I work with as well.

How does your man, Jermaine Dupri, react to the gay boys around you?
He doesn’t. We’re all friends. As a matter of fact, it’s so cute because we all call Gil “Keisha.” It’s a pet name. Jermaine calls him “Keisha,” too, and it startled Gil because he had never done it before. It’s just cute to see. Are you asking because Jermaine’s in the hip-hop world?

It’s just another friend with Jermaine. He loves Gil just as much as I do. I’ve heard people talk a little bit about that, but that doesn’t apply when it comes to Jermaine. He’s very comfortable with all my friends, and they’ve become his friends as well.

You have a strong fan base in hip-hop, which does have a reputation of homophobia. How do you balance that with your own personal acceptance of the gay community?
I’ve never really thought about it. I just do what I do. There have been moments where I know people have spoken out about certain things that I’ve done, which skewed more toward topics that dealt with the gay community, and they disliked it—but I’m not going to stop. For instance, I think it was the Velvet Rope album, and a couple of people had a little bit to say about it. Whether it was “Free Xone” or “Tonight’s the Night” because I didn’t change the lyrics, so I was singing to another girl… the song is just beautiful, I don’t want to change the lyrics, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t have an issue with that, so if they want to get all wound up in a knot, that’s really their issue. I’m not going to stop being who I am and creating the music that I create.

If you could be a man for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?
[Laughs] The very first thing I’d do? I can’t say that—it sounds silly!

You can say it, Janet—just let it out!
It’s simple: I’m real curious to see what it feels like to pee.

It’s very convenient!
I’m sure it is! You don’t even have to take your pants completely down! Put it through the zipper, right? You guys got it easy!

What are your thoughts on gay marriage?
I’m all for it. Why not? It’s two people that are in love with one another. What’s the issue?

Who would be your celebrity girl-crush?
You know who I think is flawless? Alicia Keys. I think she’s absolutely beautiful, such a sweetheart, down to earth. So maybe Alicia Keys.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but there’s an Internet war between Janet and Madonna fans. I know you and Madonna had some beef in the ’90s, but do you think the heat between Madonna and Janet fans has any validity?
No—I didn’t know this was going on. [Laughs]

They argue, make videos and, of course, it’s mostly the gay fans. So people are curious: What are your thoughts on Madonna now?
I think she’s done wonderful things. She’s done great things in her career, in her life, and more power to her. I think fans will always be that way—always. They’re just incredibly loyal and they love you so much that if anyone says anything remotely negative, they’re there to just immediately jump on them. It’ll always be that way—very loyal.

If a “Janet” drag queen had to battle a “Madonna” drag queen, what advice would you give the “Janet” queen?
Kick the bitch’s ass!

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Janet sets up Imeem profile

Janet has started an Imeem profile where fans can watch her favourite music videos as well as listen to the new album, Discipline. There are also several new clips of Janet that were filmed on the set of her brand new video, Rock With U which is directed by Saam Farahmand. Watch them below.

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Janet to appear on Tyra

janettyra1.jpgjanettyra2.jpgJanet will appear on The Tyra Banks Show on Tuesday 4th March. In the interview, she opens up about marriage, her unique nicknames and the criticism she faced when she gained weight for a movie role. Janet will also share exclusive day-in-the-life footage.


Janet speaks to

discipline2.jpgIn a new interview with, Janet talks about how she stays healthy, her age and and how she makes the bed when her housekeeper isn’t on duty. Read ths interview in full below:

While Ciara was still sipping on Similac, Janet Jackson was ruling the world with her Rhythm Nation. Now two decades deep in the game, some say the 41-year-old icon is past her prime. But slow down with the wheelchair and walking stick – Jackson’s not ready to pack up her dancing shoes just yet. Her tenth studio album, Discipline, hits stores today and with Ne-Yo, The-Dream and Stargate producing along with boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, Jackson obviously ain’t ready to give it up yet. And why should she? Looking good and still stretching the limits of video, Janet remains on top. She talked to recently about where she’s been and where’s she’s headed. After all these years, what’s different now about releasing a CD? Do you still get excited about it?

Janet Jackson: Yeah, I’m very excited about it. One big difference is that I’m with a new company, Island, and the other would be just being able to sit back and enjoy it in a different way and I think that has to do with being older. My family is always telling me to enjoy it. Enjoy the space that you’re in; just getting older and realizing what’s really important and just being wiser and being able to allow myself to sit back and still work and enjoy the moment.

Do you do anything to combat age now that you’re older? Are you taking more herbs or doing any holistic therapies or anything like that?

No, I don’t. We’ve always taken ginseng and wheat grass and royal jelly. We’ve taken that from the beginning, so all of that’s the same. Just being a dancer, you start to feel that wear and tear on your body. When I did “Pleasure Principle” they couldn’t get the pads right away and so all that stuff I did on my knees. I had to dance on my knees in rehearsal, so you start to feel your knees. Now, I have a torn meniscus in both knees. I’ve seen doctors in Europe [but] I don’t know if I want to do surgery. I have a high tolerance for pain so I live with it. It doesn’t have to do with age right now.

You’ve always been honest about your age. Do you regret that?
I did have a choice, but that’s the way my family kind of grew up. My mother never cared.We never lied about our ages. A lot of people in this business lied about their age. We look younger than our ages anyway. As a people, there’s a great deal of pride to be taken in that. Its really how you feel inside. Age is just a number. I’m real quick to tell how old my sisters are! (laughs).

Speaking of sisters, you’re an auntie. How do you work that out with all your nieces and nephews?

You know what — I think I suck as an aunt! I get calls: ‘Auntie Janet we miss you’ and I love the fact that my nieces and nephews are adults now with children of their own. But someone said that they considered me the cool aunt. That’s because they talk to me and I don’t tell. They have someone in the family to go to and get advice from and I won’t even start telling you about that. My brothers and sisters would probably kill me for the advice I give.

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Watch Janet perform Rock With U

Janet’s performance of Rock With U from yesterday’s Good Morning America is now available to view on the ABC News website. The song was cut short when aired live yesterday but can now be seen in full.


Discipline UK sales: first week

11.jpgJanet’s new album Discipline is unlikely to chart within the Top 40 this week in the UK. Whilst yesterday’s sales showed Janet being just within the Top 40, today’s show that she has fallen outside it.

International fans can boost Janet’s UK chart position by ordering a UK version of the album. Remember that it includes the bonus track, Let Me Know, as well as slightly different artwork which make it a good addition to any Janet fan’s collection.

Use the links to the right of the page to purchase the album from HMV UK or Amazon UK.