Discipline UK sales: first week

11.jpgJanet’s new album Discipline is unlikely to chart within the Top 40 this week in the UK. Whilst yesterday’s sales showed Janet being just within the Top 40, today’s show that she has fallen outside it.

International fans can boost Janet’s UK chart position by ordering a UK version of the album. Remember that it includes the bonus track, Let Me Know, as well as slightly different artwork which make it a good addition to any Janet fan’s collection.

Use the links to the right of the page to purchase the album from HMV UK or Amazon UK.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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Uk supermarkets account for the majority of cd sales in the UK and I have been into Tesco and Asda this week and they are not selling Discipline. Would anybody know why this is ?

I also have been into 3 supermartkets to purchase the album and non are stocking!!! i anybody does know why this is please let me know x

I’ll question Mercury Records but I guess it’s probably because it’s a soft release and if any of the singles make it big in the UK then the supermarkets will probably end up stocking it x

Cheers Darren for the responce , I got my copy on Monday anyway from HMV with the bonus dvd so I am happy but was just curious as to why the supermarkets were not stocking it , is currently Number 28 on Itunes UK

I was going to order the Japanese edition because I wanted the DVD and also Japan always package their CD’s nicely and have lyrics booklets.

Does anyone have the totals for her first week sales in the US? I have looked all over the internet, and there is nothing. I know if it was a bad sale, the press would be all over it instantly. But there is nothing of that either. There is no charts showing on billboard either. Let me know please.

island knew the record would tank and so not releasing it in the uk is a smart way of avoiding embarrasing figures. it sold 181,000 units in the US. not so impressive.

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