German Discipline release date March 22nd

In an email from Janet’s official German website, it has been confirmed that Discipline will be released on March 22nd. It is not yet known whether this means the album release date will be pushed back elsewhere.


News expected at 10pm GMT tomorrow

Sources tell Janet Love that Janet’s official website,, will carry an update of new news at 5pm ET/10pm GMT tomorrow, Friday. It’s not yet known what the update will feature.

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Janet to receive GLAAD honour

280108_glaad.pngJanet will receive an honour from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in recognition of the work she has done for gay rights. The awards will be held in at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on April 26th 2008.

Janet will receive the Vanguard Award from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) at the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 26th at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. Janet has been a long-time ally of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. In 1997, the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum applauded her exploration of sexual orientation issues in her top-selling album The Velvet Rope, which also received the award for Outstanding Music Album at the 9th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Janet has also been recognized for her work around HIV/AIDS activism by AIDS Project Los Angeles and the Human Rights Campaign.

The Vanguard Award is presented to media professionals who, through their work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Past recipients include Charlize Theron, Antonio Banderas, Eric McCormack, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli, and Whoopi Goldberg.

You can purchase tickets to this event by visiting or call (877) 519-7904!


Janet and The Grammys rumours

Janet will perform at this year’s Grammy Awards, according to The event, on February 10th, will see Janet perform Feedback. The show airs live on CBS at 8pm ET.

The speculation is further supported by an interview that Janet’s dancer did with MTV Canada in which he said that he was rehearsing for a performance at the awards show.

Update: has retracted its former claim that Janet will be performing at the Grammy Awards. In an update from Janet’s representative, Patti Webster, it has said that whilst Janet might be attending the Grammys, she will not be performing

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Janet says the tour is ready

In an interview with, a French website, Janet has said that her upcoming tour is for the most part ready, including the stage and setlist, but that her record company asked her to complete an album and then tour.

She also says that one of her New Year’s resolutions was to help the environment by going green.


EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Saam Farahmand

janet_gil_saam.jpgIn an exclusive interview with Janet Love, the director for Janet’s latest video has told us how he came to work with her and how he has hopes of choreographing something for her upcoming tour.

1) Firstly, congratulations on the Feedback video. Where did the idea come from?

Thank you. Janet gave me a lot of freedom to do what I wanted, although she told me that she was feeling very futuristic.

2) How did you come to work with Janet? Did ‘her’ people call ‘your’ people?

There is a video I made for a British band called Unklejam which seems to excite people in America.

When it was made, there was an article in the papers about how Justin Timberlake went crazy for the video on YouTube and asked them to support him on tour.

Then a little while after that, out of the blue I got the call from New York saying that she liked it, and wanted to talk about making a video together.

3) How closely did you work with Janet to formulate the idea behind the video?

I worked a little with her and her superhuman choreographer, Gil.

Janet is good at contributing her experience and outlook, but also knowing when to let go, which is a quality that I think the best bands and artists have.

4) How long did it take to shoot/edit?

The shoot took 2 very long days.

After that we had a deadline, with only a couple of weeks, but fortunately we had a really strong crew and post team.

Without them I would have been lost.

5) What was Janet like to work with?

She has an amazing aura. I’m very lucky to have worked with a magic person.

6) There are several different interpretations as to the meaning of the video. What’s yours?

I would love to know the interpretations! Post them on Janet Love and I’ll stop by!

7) Do you have any funny anecdotes from the set of the video?

Janet trusted me enough to pour 25 gallons of honey over her while she was suspended on wires.

The other kids in class really love when I tell them that one. 8)

8) Is there a possibility of working with Janet in the future?

I definitely hope so.

I know that Gil, the choreographer is very keen for me to choreograph some songs for the tour.

He describes my style as ‘naive British animalism’, and says that its gonna freak out America.

9) Did you ever dream you’d be working with Janet?

Man, I’ll try to put this into perspective for you.

18 years ago me and my sister begged my mother to let us stay up and watch the premiere of Rhythm nation video on Channel 4.

18 months ago I was making videos for my friends bands, and talking about Michael and the whole Jackson family legacy and what a massive impact it has had on our lives

18 days ago I am on my cell phone affectionately bickering with Janet Jackson about why the sounds need to be louder.

10) Finally, I’m a KCL student myself and I know that you were at Goldsmith’s. What message would you have for any budding directors who aspire to reach the dizzying heights that you’ve reached.


Try to enjoy everything because everything is all there is.


Reviews from London listening party

The Daily Star today features a review of Janet’s new album from the recent London listening party.


I’ve had a sneak peek at two of this year’s biggest albums, Janet Jackson’s Discipline and That Chick by Mariah Carey.

I can reveal that Janet, 41, kicks out the slow jams in favour of club bangers on her strongest and most varied collection in donkey’s years.

Destiny’s Child producer Rodney Jerkins, 30, is the man behind the standout cuts. Sweet, synth heavy lead-off track Love Love Love is the musical equivalent of Fruit Pastels while buzzy hook fest Feedback is the girl’s best single in a decade.

Elsewhere the deliciously Stevie Wonder-ish This Can’t Be Good highlights Janet’s whisper-quiet vocal texture, while Tonight sounds like a future No 1.

Only the super sexy (or plain filthy) title track, a ballad penned by Ne-Yo, 26, misses the mark.

Meanwhile the Daily Mirror has this to say:

After a first listen to Janet’s “comeback” album Discipline, we’re sure her infamous wardrobe malfunction will be forgotten.

Lyrics like: “I’ve misbehaved, I touched myself” and “Tie me to something, take off all my clothes. Take your frustrations out on me” will guarantee that.


Janet set to play G-A-Y, London

g_a_ylogo.jpgAfter years of British fans asking for it, it looks set to happen – Janet is reported to soon be playing at G-A-Y, a nightclub in central London. A source told the Daily Star:

“Janet is really excited about her new music and can’t wait to get out and start performing again for her fans. She’s very eager to get to the UK, so when she was approached about playing G.A.Y she thought it sounded a wonderful way to mark her comeback.

“The capacity will mean it’s an intimate show and one of her smallest in years. It will be truly spectacular.”

The club is destined to move venues soon and Janet’s appearance is destined to be the last at its current home at the Astoria in Soho. Other acts that have performed at the legendary nightclub include Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, The Spice Girls and Kelly Rowland.

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New Mark Liddell promo photo

markliddellpromo1.jpgA new promotional photo of Janet has been released on photographer Mark Liddell‘s website. Click on the image the left to enlarge.


Janet wants two US presidents

In an interview with news agency AFP, Janet seems split between voting for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. She told Agence France-Presse in an interview she is excited by both of the leading Democrats in the race for the US presidency.”They’re both really exciting. That’s difficult for someone like me, having someone African-American and also having a woman,” said Jackson, the youngest sister of Michael Jackson and a US pop icon in her own right.

Asked if she would be following another prominent US black figure, talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, in endorsing Obama or if she was excited by the prospect of the first black US president, she said “of course that would be exciting.”

“But it would also be exciting to have a woman in office as well,” she added. “That’s why we should have two presidents.”