Janet and The Grammys rumours

Janet will perform at this year’s Grammy Awards, according to The event, on February 10th, will see Janet perform Feedback. The show airs live on CBS at 8pm ET.

The speculation is further supported by an interview that Janet’s dancer did with MTV Canada in which he said that he was rehearsing for a performance at the awards show.

Update: has retracted its former claim that Janet will be performing at the Grammy Awards. In an update from Janet’s representative, Patti Webster, it has said that whilst Janet might be attending the Grammys, she will not be performing



By Darren

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January 23, 2008.

Earlier today reported that Janet Jackson was scheduled to be performing at the Grammy’s Awards show next month. Well it turns out we were wrong.

Janet’s representative, Patti Webster, told that Janet will NOT be performing at the awards show. Tells Webster, “Right now, Janet’s focusing on the release of her new album Discipline. While she may attend the Grammys, she will not be performing.”

Thanks for clearing that up Patti…

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