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  1. I just want to say Bravo to you Janet. You did a great job. You stated you wanted to get into doing more projects and films. I proud of you that you are persuing your dreams. I am glad that you were also in Tyler Perry production as well. You know alot of people got to see the real Janet in a beautiful light. Acting is a inate gift that you have. I watched your peformances on stage as an enterntainer and I saw that you were good then. I did not just see the singer. I saw a performer that was inside of you ready to come out. I am glad you are making it in the big screens now. Not as Janet Jackson but, the actress that is already in you. Keep it up. I have to say that you also clicked very well with the cast. I am thankful people got to see you as what I have always seen in you. I like your hair as well. I have never seen you with your natural hair. But, I liked the way you had your hair especially at the end. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.. GOD BLESS YOU…MY SISTER

  2. I loved this movie because you play in it it is so good to see you in a movie with Tyler Perry and you did a wonderful good and tell Tyler Perry he did good to that what i like to see from people because it is expression how people should before they get married and don’t just rush into a relationship with consuming anyhting. Anyways ya’ll all did a wonderful job in this movie and that one part with Denise she is very crazy and she told him how she felt I would to alright.

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