Interview with new Janet dancer and choreographer Tony Testa

Tony Testa at just 19 years old has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to work with Janet on her upcoming project. Not only has he been signed to dance on tour with Janet, but he will also choreograph several songs. The Answers4Dancers website has filmed an exclusive interview with Tony in which he explains how Janet chose him simply from his showreel. Watch it now at Answers4Dancers.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

3 replies on “Interview with new Janet dancer and choreographer Tony Testa”

Hey, im 16 and i love dance more then anything and i love dance more then anything. Especially hip-hop.And tony’s story really inspires me.I want more then anythign to pursue dance as my career so it was really cool to hear how he made it.I’ve taken his class at Triple Threat Dance Convention and it was so good. all i can say is he is amazing!

Helloo!!! I love tony testa and when I 1st seen him on dance on sunset I instantly looked him up. I just had to know his story. The way he moves is so awsome and when you see him move you just gotta get up. Dancin is a great way to stay in shape so I think thats a plus.I dont think I dance well but Ill Get better if i practice and i can say that tony inspierd me!!! So I will follow my dreams and see what comes of it.

Tony Testa is amazing. That’s all i really wanna say. I wanna meet him, and learn his dance moves. He’s like, a genius

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