Janet receives Lifetime Achievement Award

From Reuters: And the award for strength and endurance goes to … Janet Jackson.

The R&B singer, whose “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl last month, sent shockwaves through the nation, paid tribute to her special qualities Saturday when she received a career achievement honor at the Soul Train Music Awards.

With her breasts safely ensconced in a white gown, the 37-year-old singer thanked her fans, without specifically mentioning the infamous fallout.

“You’ve been there for me during the good times as well as the bad, and you’ve lifted me up with your love. Your love and support has always been a great source of comfort, especially in these last few weeks.”

Her speech frequently punctuated by cheers of love and support from the audience, Jackson said she was “amazed” to have endured in showbusiness for 30 years.

“That endurance is my heritage, as a woman, and especially a black woman. I’m convinced that we black women possess a special, indestructible strength that allows us to not only get down but to get up, to get through and to get over.”

The onset of canned music prevented her from continuing at length, and she avoided reporters when she went backstage afterward — surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards — to pose briefly for photographers.

Jackson’s prize — a.k.a. the Quincy Jones Award for outstanding career achievement (female) — forms part of her promotional duties for her new album, “Damita Jo,” which is set for U.S. release on March 30, and internationally the day before.

The winner of the corresponding male prize was similarly controversial: R&B singer R. Kelly, who faces child pornography charges in his home state of Illinois. He, too, has a new album coming out, and also dodged reporters. Kelly also won a prize in the main competition with his “Chocolate Factory” CD being named best R&B/soul album by a male.

The big winner of the night was hip-hop duo OutKast, which received two prizes, R&B/soul/rap album of the year for its Grammy-winning opus “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below,” and the video prize for its infectious dance anthem “Hey Ya!”

Destiny’s Child frontwoman Beyonce Knowles, who had led the nominees with nods in four competitive categories, won a single award. Her solo debut “Dangerously in Love” was named best R&B/soul album by a female.

OutKast and Knowles additionally took home Sammy Davis, Jr. awards for entertainer of the year. As with the Quincy Jones prizes, these had been previously announced.

The 18th annual ceremony, which took place at the International Cultural Center, was broadcast live in syndication.




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:DJanet was simply amazing….such class and dignity! Janet was beautiful as always…she looked fantastic in her white gown. The crowd support was tremendous…standing ovation x 2. 😀 😀

I love janet and i was so excited to see her receive her award. but is it just me or was her speech kind of lame with all those "my people"
im black and i understand what she was trying to do, but i thought it would have been better if she just ad libbed
lol glad to know the superbowl didnt stop her from showin her skin
go on miss j!

😎 Janet is truly a stong woman, never lettting any difficulty ginder her from her goal. Janet, I am so proud to be your fan. t is an honor.

I thought she might have dressed all conserative and stuff I’m so glad she didn’t and went for a more darin’ look, that dress was mmmmm there are no words to explain. And that speech, that stirred somethin in me, I loved the part bout us bein able to get up, get through and get over, I really respected her words last night, btw Usher and R Kelly did their thing, those moves Usher did made me feel things I didn’t think I could feel bout a guy :blush: :satisfied: I kept my cool though, ALL FOR DA LADIES 😉


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