Janet talks to Virgin UK

The Raft interviewed Janet last night at her London album launch:

Home House, with its high ceilings, chandeliers, 18th century furniture and pure elgance is a great setting to hear the album – and hear the album we did!

‘Damita Jo’ kicks off even more upbeat than Janet’s last album release and keeps the vibe throughout the album. ‘The Way Love Goes’ pops into your head on first hear, which aint no bad thing! The first half of the album is very beats driven with the melodies quite subtle (so you just know you are gonna get something new every listen!)

Current American all star Kayne West first guests on track 5 -‘My Baby’ and raps his way in answer to Janet’s melodies with aplomb with plenty of groove get the dancefloor rising. He is the hottest rnb producer/rapper in the world right now, combined with the superstar that is Janet Jackson, then we are talking about a seriously HOT partnership!

Track 7 ‘Spending Time With You’ is the first track that springs out in terms of possible singles – Jasper put this to Janet towards the end of the evening :

Jasper – ‘Spending Time With You’ is really hooky and obvious contender for the second single?

Janet – “Well it’s a bit early to say yet, ‘Just a Little While’ is still to be released yet so it may be jumping the gun slightly. But thanks anyway!

Jasper – Which track was the most fun to work on during the recording of the album?

Janet – Actually it was a track called ‘Ruff’. This didnt end up on the album but we had such a laugh making it. I’m sure it will become a B-side in the future but we’ll have to see!

Track 12 ‘I Want You’ is so full of bounce you hear it practically jumping out of the stereo and then finally there’s the single that closes the album track 22 ‘Just a Little While’.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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This album sounds so great, the waitin is drivin me :crazy:, it feels like I’ve been waitin forever, it makes no sense sayin I can’t wait till the 30th coz we dont get new albums till like a week or 2 after they’ve been released in the states. But I still can’t wait, damn my neighbours are gonna have to call the cops for me with how loud and long I’m gonna play this. :rolleyes:

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