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  1. Oooo yeah mama thighs lookin’ thick there, and I like it 😉 Even though u can’t see it that well theres no denyin’ she looks really cute and I gotta get me some boots like those by any means necessary, the whole outfit is hot. I cant wait to see the high quality version. 🙂

  2. Hey! You guys notice that move at the beginning of the slow part? It looks like the same one from "If" when she sings "don’t even realize that I’m wantin’ ya to fulfill my needs…" and she she does that sexy squat/turn thing. I LOVE THAT MOVE!!!

  3. Ive seen it on tv! And first I saw was Janet with thicker thighs :D.Hehe..I can see bbc1 in holland. In a few hours they are repeating it! :D:D So I can see it again! I notices the slow if beginning too. Pretty cool!

  4. Why are you guys always commenting on her weight? It’s no wonder she’s been self conscious about her body all these years, becuse some people always make it an issue. I think she looks incredibily sexy and beautiful.

  5. 😎 I love the choreography!! The performance was even better than the video!! The costume was great!! Great work Janet!


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