Janet to perform on CD:UK and TRL UK

Janet will perform at CD:UK on Saturday March 13th. She will sing her song JUST A LITTLE WHILE. In addition, she is scheduled to appear at TRL UK on Thursday March 11th. Her two previous scheduled dates were cancelled but as she will be in the country for CD:UK this third date is most likely to be the one she attends.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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YEY! Daz proved himself right again! Where’s the haters now??! Saying Janet wasn’t gonna perform on TRL. Well-.. you were wrong! :hehe:

Do you think she’ll do any American shows like TRL or On Air with Ryan Seacrest? Janet always seems to do more appearences in Europe than she does in America.

It’s cool that Janet is gonna be performin’ when she does finally start to do American shows I hope she totally turns down those bitc*es from The View, I saw a lil bit of that show today (not that I watch it regularly but I happened to see some of it)and that one with the ugly nose and bad hair I dont know her name but she lost 10lbs and now she thinks she’s it, that one, she totally dissed Janet and her whole family talkin’ bout Janet pullin’ out of the LH project, all of em can kiss my black a*s and I hope Janet tells them the same 😛 Last time she was there they were totally kissin’ her a*s and now theyre hatin’ on her, she’s a better woman than all theyre ugly a*sess wrapped into one.

how dare they talk about janet apparently she didn’t get the whole story she didn’t want janet to do it janet looks amazing in this picture

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