1. can’t get into chatroom ? well i can then when i go to write something i have to log in again? pls help wanna join in ?

  2. I can’t believe she exposed her boob!!!I have lost somewhat respect I tried to have for her…that was really cheap of her…she is (used to be) way better than that! But now she has sunk too low!!! 🙁 :angry: :crazy:

  3. The tivo recording sure makes it look like ther ewas a pastie. There was more there then I expected, so the question is…. was it hype?

  4. I disagree with Racker, the media and the public have always been fascinated with Michael’s life and I don’t think this is Janet’s scheme to draw away the attention of the media away from her brother. It’s mind-boggling to know what really is the reason behind this stunt but personally, this has nothing to do with Michael. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of both but I just don’t see MJ the reason of this 😎

  5. It was definitely a hype…No one probably would believe the last part of the performance was an accident as Justin Timberlake and MTV say…and Smith, it was a pastie. Take a look at the snap shots of the performance on this website and others.


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