Janet let loose


With so much hype, something was bound to go wrong. A perfect performance throughout, at the last minute Janet’s boob popped out on stage! Oops! Whether it was staged or not, who knows, but check the photos to see the reaction on her face! Also, watch the videos now @ Janet Multimedia.

Meanwhile, according to The Drudge Report, top CBS executives approved a musical skit where Janet would expose her breast during the MTV-produced Super Bowl half-time concert.

“It decision to go forward, went to the very top of the network,” a well-placed source explained from New York. The groundbreaking scene came during the most-watched television broadcast of the year – and during the dinner hour for the nation’s west coast viewers.

In a press release before Sunday’s game, MTV promised “Janet’s Shocking Moments.”

“I’ll get you naked by the end of this song,” sang Justin, moments before he ripped off Janet’s top, exposing a bare breast – the nipple covered by a tassel.

CBS’s main New York switchboard was immediately bombarded with complaints about the stunt, netowrk sources said late Sunday.