Janet at Michael’s party

Despite being temporarily in the Caribbean, Janet Love can update you still with the latest news!

Janet attended brother Michael’s party held at Neverland on Saturday. She attended the bash with her boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. All of the other Jackson siblings were there too, with their children. Michael is set to spend Christmas in the UK and will return to the US in the New Year.

Other celebrities in attendance included Nick Carter, Serena Williams, Lionel Richie and MC Hammer.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I’m glad to hear that Janet is showing her sisterly support on behalf of her brother, Michael!! It also goes to show that Jermaine Dupri is a large part of her life now!! Do I hear wedding bells, soon J? :satisfied:

Wedding bells… plz. Knowing Janet, they’re probably already married. They say opposites attract but I beg to differ. I don’t see a future in it for the two of them. They’re WAAAAAAAAAAAY too different. If they force it to work it’ll be Bobby & Whitney Pt. 2… detrimental to both their careers. It’ll also cause folks to loose respect for her, because quiet as it’s kept she’s already lost some respect from me.

Nothing can stop Janet from loving Michael and showing him support that shows that they are still close as ever. 😀

On AOL news the were talking about Mike’s Party and they said Janet did NOT attend. Daz if you are going to give out the wrong information maybe you don’t need to be in charge of this site. Soo I reapeat Janet did NOT attend Mike’s Party. Next time please get it right Daz. :angry:

Daz, where did you got that info from? Cause last thing i know is that Janet NOT went there. The brothers and La Toya were there according to several newsreports, but no Janet…..

Hey you guys don’t come down on Daz, especially if you don’t know the truth yourself, as a matter of fact she DID GO, JANET AND JD.



Making Neverland scene

Among the 600 guests who came to Michael Jackson’s party at his Neverland ranch Saturday were former Atlantans Ryan Seacrest and Chris Tucker and Atlanta-based record producer JERMAINE DUPRI. Others who came were tennis star Serena Williams, rapper MC Hammer, pop singers Nick and Aaron Carter and Jackson’s sister JANET JACKSON.(No Liz Taylor or Macaulay Culkin.)

As far as AOL is concerned, janet is a very low profile entertainer, I’m pretty sure janet is out a whole lot more than we think she is.

Excuse me but do not come down on DAZ!!! He knows exactly what he is talking about!!! It has been on MSNBC news and MTV that Janet and JD where there! And I have extended sources that know the Jackson Family and they even told me that Janet and JD attended so do not hate on DAZ ( As usual ) thank you and peace…


:)i think he knows what he is talking about.Daz keep doing the good work i know janeet is very proud becuase i am i love you and wish u guys all the best. Marry christmas janet and to all her fans i love u :laugh: 🙂 🙂 😀

yeah guy that what i heard janet was not at the party with MJ!! how do i know? i would never tell!!! i love you JANET and i love you MJ !! and let me tell you something no mutter what!! blood is stronger then water. all i want is janets happiness i love ya janet!! 🙂

I have done some checking and must say that I now agree with some of the people on here and Janet and JD where not in attendance at the party… I just heard this confirmed on TV and from a few other sources close to the event and no Janet was not there at all… But what DAZ heard was confirmed on TV at first that JANET and JD where there but sources have NOW revelaed that JANET nor JD where there… I think I might just know why Janet did not attend…

I have done some checking and must say that I now agree with some of the people on here and Janet and JD where not in attendance at the party… I just heard this confirmed on TV and from a few other sources close to the event and no Janet was not there at all… But what DAZ heard was confirmed on TV at first that JANET and JD where there but sources have NOW revelaed that JANET nor JD where there… I think I might just know why Janet did not attend…

I would have to agree with Syree on this one, Janet nor JD was at the bash for Mike. There is so much media out there and stories always get twisted, but from a television source, many were questioning why janet wasnt there. Janet loves her big brother, and is always supporting him, but at the same time, she hates to see him go through this and is just as hurt as he is.

I agree totally with BlakBoi.

You guys this is sad but I have to let you know this: I was at an industry party in New York this past week getting ready to sign on with a new clothing line for modeling. It was actually a holiday/launching party.

Anyways, people were talking and laughing about Janet and JD. I felt bad for her. It was people well known in the industry laughing about how Janet is actually dating Jermaine.

I’m not gonna say any names but alot of guys said that Janet look real stank to them now and all this stuff about how Janet is stoopin’ really low to be with someone like JD.

It’s the joke of the industry. I felt bad for her but that’s how people feel about her now.

Some people don’t find her attractive anymore.

I mean I say things too on this site but not to the extent that other people were taking it.

I don’t care for JD either but I didn’t think it was this bad.

I just hope she’s happy because if she’s not she’s really making a fool of herself.

–dmag 🙁

My friend is a personal assistant for a A-List Celebrity and she has told me some things to the nature of what you’re saying… Even other celebrites are saying bad things about Janet going out with him… I feel it’s a shame I mean I must admit I don’t see him as really attractive but I heard that he’s a really nice man I don’t know just what I’ve heard from my friend and a few other ppl and I feel ppl should not judge someone else’s relationship that they’re not in that goes to fans and to people in the industry… If they’re not in the relationship than hush… If JD is not right for JANET it will come to surface sooner or later if he is right everything will flow just fine… So who’s too say who Janet should be with… point blank… no offense just my opinion…
Peace and Happy Holidays!!! :rolleyes:

Yeah that’s true Lorenzo.

I was just letting people know what other people were saying.

I felt pretty bad for her because I am a fan and it was hurting me to hear other people talk about her like that.

Like I said I’m not a JD fan but that’s not my decision.


P.S.: hope everyone had a nice holiday!!! :confused:

Y’ALL WHO’RE COMIN DOWN ON jANET(MISS JACKSON IF UR NASTY, SORRY I HAD 2 SAY THAT), U ALL SHOULD B ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! :blush: :confused: 🙁 This is a site for Janet LOVERS 🙂 :laugh:!, NOT a bunch of big ol’ HATERS!!!! ( :crazy: :angry: 🙁
i would do ANYTHING 4 janet. I support her decisions because i trust her judgement and i love her, and THAT, my Janet-Love friends, is what being a true fan ( or friend )is. 🙂 🙂 😎
HOLLA!!! 😎

NEVERLAND PARTY: Fox Exclusive Report

The following article comes from Fox News, Roger Friedman the Michael-Obsessive reporter gives the fans this incredible behind the scenes report:

"It was an odd but supportive crowd of 600 that turned out Saturday to salute Michael Jackson in his time of need.

Among the crowd was his sister, superstar performer Janet Jackson, who came with her on-again, off again fiancée Jermaine Dupri, according to my sources. All the other Jackson siblings and their children were present as well, including LaToya, Jermaine, Randy, Tito, Marlon, and Reebe.

Celebrities were rushed through the Neverland gates in limos with darkened glass. Tennis star Serena Williams, record producer Rodney Jerkins, "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, baseball great Darryl Strawberry, Jackie Stallone (Sly’s mom) and her daughter, hip-hop star MC Hammer, Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, Lionel Richie, Mario Van Peebles, comic actor Chris Tucker, and singing brothers Aaron and Nick Carter all greeted Jackson, who was wearing a knee-length blue sequined jacket and black slacks.

Bobby Taylor, the Motown executive who discovered the Jackson 5 with Gladys Knight back in the late 60s, was also spotted, as was Jackson’s attorney in his child molestation case, Mark Geragos.

There was no sign of Jackson’s usual suspect best friends Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli, or Macaulay Culkin. Also absent were Jackson’s children Prince, Paris, and “Blanket,” as well as Debbie Rowe, the mother of the first two, and Jackson’s recent managers Dieter Wiesner and Ronald Konitzer.

My sources said that Jackson did spend a big part of the dinner segment of the evening chatting with an unidentified dwarf.

Prominently displayed outside for all to see was a mural of Jackson with children surrounding him as if he were the Pied Piper.

More importantly, Nation of Islam Chief of Staff Leonard Muhammad was present and stuck to Jackson whether he liked it or not. Jackson seemed uncomfortable about the situation. "He tried to ditch Leonard several times by going over and having conversations with his family. Leonard would watch and wait until Michael was finished, then hook right back up with him."

After hours of buffet dining in a huge tent set up in a field, Jackson’s guests — including “lots and lots of children” — were treated to some musical performances and testimonials. Comedian Tommy Davidson emceed the show that included a performance by the Andrae Crouch choir, actress Tisha Campbell reading a poem about Jackson, and symphonic music by the Neverland Orchestra.

Camera crews filmed personal testimonials from many of the guests, who spent their day on the Neverland ferris wheel and other rides. Jackson’s music played in the background on a sound system all over the ranch.

The day ended with a candlelight vigil, and the whole crowd singing along to Jackson’s song, “You Are Not Alone.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well I’m actually janets limo driver and I actually heard some crazy stuff too about janet and jd. C’mon yall do you guys know how dumb yall sound?

The only people yall know in the industry is the one’s you see in your dreams and you about the signing of the what modeling clothes line thing, what? Get real. So how do you fine the time or even care about what people are saying about janet and jd? How do you find the time to post it? I mean really.

I know you might say I’m jealous, Okay I guess if you can find the time to make up stuff you can find the time to accuse me of jealousy, whatever. I mean really people. 😀

Oh yeah that was for Damagnificent and the other person about the A-List thing. C’mon people. I mean I call myself janetsclosestfriend out of pure fun yall just straight up silly and actually want people to believe it. Me personally don’t believe but think it’s totally stupid. Especially the length some of yall go.

Hey…ive left the janet fan scene for awhile but im back..and its really funny how somethings never change.Yall need to leave janet alone what if the industry is saying things ? is that the kind of value system u have..if that is then u guys truly are sad…my own position is that i dont care…i want good music .. thats it Yall really are a trip

First of all Janetsclosestfriend…yeah right.

If your so busy driving Janet around how the hell you got time to be on a site typing shit. Answer that for me.

Oh she wasn’t busy today…right???

Okay, and how you gonna try to say I don’t do what I do or whatever.

I know what I do, and I don’t need to justify that for anyone especially a wannabe friend of Janets.

If you were really in the industry you should know that the industry is pretty much shut down for the Holidays just like anyone else. I’ve made enough money shooting Winter stuff in the Summer so that I don’t need to work right now…mo’ fo. I’m on vacation just like everyone else.

Like I said the party was a HOLIDAY/launching party for a new clothing line that I will begin to work with in March.

So talk what you know you fake ass wannabe.

I said in the beginning that I just happen to be a fan of Janets although I do what I do. Oh let me guess people in the industry aren’t fans of other people in the industry…right.

Your punk ass is probably JD trying to front as someone else cos your ass is being spoke on.

I don’t care what Janet does that’s her business. I was just trying to push other fans up on something, and let them know what I heard.

And if other people in the industry ain’t talking about them…then why did Chris Rock spend 5 mins of his whole opening material on the MTV awards (which I was at) clowning they ass.

Oh I forgot people in the industry aint talking…fool, that’s bullshit.

Janet is the joke of the industry right now, so when your umemployed ass gets a call to go and pick her up…tell her that.

P.S.: Don’t get mad cos peepz is speakin’ on your girl. I was basically trying to stick up for her ass but you wanna come up on here (all umemployed at the moment) talking shit that you don’t know about).

So this is what you do…keep my name out your damn mouth (or fingaz) and go apply for another job cos it’s obvious your ass ain’t working.

For your information I just said I was janet’s limo driver just to let you know how stupid some of you sound claiming to be this and that and FOR SOMEONE WHO CLAIMS TO HAVE A CLOTHING DEAL THINGY, I CAN’T SEE HOW YOU CAN FIND THE TIME OR EVEN CARE ENOUGH TO POST HESAID SHESAID Shit.

I mean if you got it like that how do you find the time to sit up here and talk about janet and jd.

Some us don’t care what people are saying about janet and jd, obviously you have the time and care about what they have to say, I mean we have our lives to live just like they do. They don’t care what people say about them so why should you?

Sweetie as for me not having a job I got my own (business which obviously you no nothing about) I wouldn’t hire you in a minute cos you sound like you into other peoples busines than your own.

Bottom line I want just janet’s music too. Because people are going to talk about janet and jd.

I just hate it when people come in here or any site and expect other people to practically fall at there feet cos they were in the same room with janet or Their sisters, cousins, mother’s, daddy, knows janet or knows micheal and they in hear passing around hesaid shesaid shit like it’s a f****disease. Cos it’s not gonna make me kiss ya damn feet. It just sounds so stupid.

As far a my name goes, I’m not really janet’s closests friend I just like to have…..what’s the word. FUN.

That’s just me like to add a little flavor to my screen names.

All of this stuff goin’ back n’ forth about J.J. n’ that dude is gettin’ kinda of ridiculous! I mean what’s the point. Of y’all arguin’ about what others are sayin’. What you n’ only you say should be what counts. Ok, now I have to admit…yeah, I can believe some ppl in the industry makin’ fun of Janet being w/ ol’ what’s his face. To tell you the truth, I can see why b/c I’ve hated on him on other Janet boards myself b/c I just don’t can’t stand his ass (and I kinda lost some respect for J. myself b/c their being together too), period (and I’ve gotten hated on right back for my opinions about him – probably from J.D. myself on the sites frontin’ like he’s just another fan*lol* ), but anyway…

Later for what others in the industry are sayin’. I don’t see the relevance to it.

Now, back to the real subject…

Some of y’all are goin’ back n’ forth sayin’ that J. was at MJ’s party. Now, until, I see photos of her there, the subject is open for speculation.

janet i love ya ! and if im at a party and a poeple from the idustry are talking about you all start kicking some ass :crazy:
janet your the onely one that can walk in your shoes and i love you that.!! JD take care man!!!
janet i love you always TEQUILA chears HAPPY NEW YEARS !!!!

It’s Ms. Jackson’s life our opinions are irrerelevant. Let’s show Ms. Jackson more true love and support and less selfish speculation.

My comments are for janetsclosetfriend or whoever.

You can have your own opinions just like I have mine but don’t come on here trying front on me like you know me and what I do for a living that’s what pissed me off.

Like I’m just lying about what I heard, where I’ve been or what I do. So you were out of line for that so I had to check you.

If you do really own your own business…good I’m glad. And you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring me cos I wouldn’t want to work for you. You seem to be in disbelief that someone actually can have a good life, make a good living and be a fan, your mind seems kinda shallow.

What did you miss…like I said I’m on vacation and I happen to be a Janet fan and I like this site.

If I choose to be on this board then that’s my choice? And for someone that owns their own business you seem to be doing a little too much typing on this board and need to tend to your own business as well.

See the difference between me and you is…I was AT WORK, when all of this "he said/she said" (as you call it) happend. I’m not on here just to gossip. I was saying what I heard and I also said that I felt bad for her.

I love Janet as a person, she’s cool even though I don’t care for her beau.

That’s my opinion, and since you asked why I care so much, it’s because I know she could do better and she’s setting her standards low (IMO).

Like I said if she really loves him then fine, I hope she’s happy.

I never said nothing to degrade her in anyway. I said I don’t like JD (which I have a right too, just like you).

I will see Janet at the Superbowl in Houston and I will treat her the same as I’ve always have with respect but that doesn’t mean that I have to feel the same way for her beau.

So as the saying goes: don’t shoot the messenger.

–have a nice day 😉

I’m with DaMagnificent b.c janet’sclosetfriend or whoever dissed me as well b.c I said some of me and my parents close friends are close to the celebs in the industry and some of our friends are personal assistants for them… I’m not arguing about that I just think that it’s wrong for you too yell us down when you don’t know a thing about us and who we interact with in our lives… We are not in here trying to show off or want you too kiss our azzez b.c we know ppl in the industry and b.c DaMAgNificenT is a model out there hearin all this stuff we just wanted to say hey even Janet’s peers are talkin noise as well as all the fans who are all up in Janet’s Panties worried about her relationship… ( I don’t really like JD but that’s her buiz if she wants to date him maybe she see’s something special in him ) *Doesn’t Really Matter* Think about that* I feel that was very rude the way you lashed out about us saying what we’ve heard… I’m through with this END OF SUBJECT…

to all janets fans ! to the ones that are really the fans HAPPY NEW YEAR may god bless you and bring us together as a family 😀
HAPPY NEW YEARS JANET!! I ( o )( o ) i love ya miss jackson!!

I guess I’m being overly-sensitive by emphasizing more on that last comment, but, ummm…

Tequila, I hope in your last post you were not implying that some of us on here are not fans just b/c we don’t like that guy she’s w/ b/c implying such a thing would not be wise. I for one, love her, but I don’t have to agree w/ every choice she makes (like who she wants to be w/) nor do I believe I have to like him to truly be a fan of hers. Yes, granted it is *her* life, and no one else,but her should have say so in it, but ppl do give their $0.02, and I do like everyone else.

I know it’s New Years, and I don’t want to start the new yr. off w/ some bull but…

I just don’t like when I think ppl insinuate that I’m "posing as a Janet fan in hater’s clothing" just b/c I don’t like that guy.

-Take care, and Happy New Year.







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