Janet spends New Year in Miami

Janet spent New Year’s Eve in Miami with the likes of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. A few days earlier, Janet and boyfriend Jermaine Dupri were spotted watching Samantha Ronson’s rock band, Samantha and the Boys, at Prive in Miami.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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Excellent that means she is really getting ready for this long exciting year by getting her a good party on. I can’t wait to see janet live and in action!

Finally some news! Now I wanna hear something about the single who someone claims is called, "Scattered Son."

:crazy:she crazy shes gay and she role with girls.i just used her for her money.and yeah she old me money,thats why we got a dervore.yeah i loved her,but it couldnt work out.i dont know why shes going with jermaine.did you her hear album the velvetrope so not cool. :plain: 😥 :hehe:

rene the wanna be y dont u get a life. but n-e-ways i love that janet’s having fun now i want to hear a single then see a video the listen to the cd. then i’ll be happy. :satisfied: but im glad janets with jd 🙂

Rene chill out,Janet is not gay she loves men on enews live, they said she gave it up to Justin and Jermaine and that is no rumor

To Rene. Go get a life, and find something better to do. Oh yeah I got something for you to do …. LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!!!!! I dont care if she was rollin’ with a wild pack of dogs … I’d still love her!!!! You just jealous she dont want you anymore!!! Maybe you can learn something from Miss Janet ……. HOW TO MOVE THE HELL ON!!!!!!!

I can’t wait until she peforms at the Superbowl! I know she is going to snap!! I am definitely anxious to hear her new album and take notes for new dance moves! I wonder what her new look will be?

I happy to read some up-to-date Janet news, AND…

Of course, "Rene" can’t spell…

He’s a Mexican. 😉

Ok, I know that was a bad racist joke. 😀


well rene you are stupid mother fucker janet is the best im so happy that she spends new years eve in my city miami :laugh:

HEY GUY!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !! HI RENE ? Yeah rene you’r a good guy !! but you can be better i dont blame you !! But things happen for a reason!! 🙂 Thats way janet is with JD!! ANYWAYS!! :confused: HI TOYA !! i saw you the others day on tv and baby you look good !!!!sexy baby!!! JANET im glad you had a good new years eve!! i did 😉 I WAS MY ANNAVERSARY THAT NIGHT!! SO DID HAD LOTS OF SEXXXXXX!!!! 😀 😀 :hehe: : :blush: :rolleyes: :laugh: :confused:

Chamster? i get in contact with janet sometimes , well once in a while, ok sometimes, 🙂 IN MY DREAMS!!!! :hehe: HEY I HAVE AN IDEA!!! :laugh: LETS SLEEP TOGETTHER!!!!! :laugh:

Amanda D.!!! IM MEXICAN TOO!! Is not cool to make fun of my race! or any other race!! WHATS UP WITH YOU GIRL!!! :plain: :DSome of us mexicans are here to have famileis to work or to sale drugs 😀 or just to live the American dream!!!But RENE!!!! lost the American ,When he lost JANET!!! 🙁

😀 🙂 I think janet is the tightest person in the world because she has the moves and the looks to kill and shes a pimp.!!!!!! also she is one of my favorite artist this millenium of 2004!!!

First of all Tequila, didn’t you read the last pt. I posted about acknowledging my little crack about Mexicans was a *bad racist joke*. :plain:

It was wrong, acknowledge that, so quit sweatin’ me, girl. And…

You sounded kinda racist yourself when posted that Rene lost the American part of him when he lost Janet. Hmmm…

It sounds like you’re sayin’ that in order for someone of a particular ethnic group to be considered an American, he/she has to 1st & foremost be married to one. Wut up wit dat???

His skanky-a$$ coulda been born in this country. I don’t know if he was or wasn’t, but if so then he’s definitely an American.

And, one last thing…

You said, "Some of us Mexicans are here to work or to sale drugs or just to live the American dream." Ummm…Wut up with the "to sale drugs"part??? :crazy:

That pt. just sounds kinda :crazy: to me. :confused:

why can’t all of you just grow up and stop all this fighting and stop all the negative comments about Janet, Jermaine Dupri and everything else you say negative things about 🙂 😛 😀 :angry: :rolleyes: :laugh:

well, we are so use to seeing Janet with Rene, its like when two parents divorce when a new man/woman comes into the picture we dont like them, same thing goes with JANET AND JD, JD the new daddy

Hi what up everybod do any body knows how t get i touch with Janet Jakson, I need to ask her is she really pregnant or is it a romur 🙂 😀 :angry: 😎 :doze: :rolleyes: :hehe: :crazy: :blush: 😛 :O 🙁 😉 :confused: 😥 :laugh: :laugh:

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