Superbowl Tickets

Now that both Janet’s label Virgin Records and her official fanclub Miss Janet have confirmed her appearance at the 2004 Superbowl to be held in Houston, TX on February 1st, you can order tickets now from RAZORGATOR. Be warned though, the price tag on them is VERY hefty!



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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I went over to to check out just how hefty the tix prices were, and all I can say is…

Goddamn! I’m catchin’ seizures just by lookin’ @ those prices! Shiii…I guess I’ll be watchin’ my grrrl from good ol’ Mr. TV set, then! *lol*

i am so gald that janet is going to perform for the superbowl i can’t hardly wait.this girl is my life my everything i just have to say go girl and don’t give up on anything life ia hard and yes its has its boundaries.

i am so gald that janet is going to perform for the superbowl i can’t hardly wait.this girl is my life my everything i just have to say go girl and don’t give up on anything life ia hard and yes its has its boundaries.

Well, janet was the top choice for Super Bowl 2002, but they went with U2 doing a 9/11 tribute, so I knew they would be asking her eventually. Can’t wait to see this!

I am the biggest Janet Jackson fan & when l heard my girl was going to perform at the ‘SUPERBOWL’ halftime..ooh l was ecstatic!! Somebody please tell me…who does’nt love JANET!! You go girl… 😎

Was that a full breast exposure in the halftime show or is crack smoke sneakin’ into the vents of my home ???

I do believe that is what I saw, and you are from Kansas too. Looked like a nipple pierce too. (Now that I know I’m not inhaling crack smoke.) Gotta get a copy of the half-time show on DVD. This will be the talk of the world by tomorrow morning… :crazy:

Yup. I thought I was losing it too! I called my neighbors, no one saw it. I cannot believe it. Now was that planned, or did Justin bare her without her knowing it???

You guys saw that!! Justin ripped that red piece off her right breast revealing a nice big pierced naked titty!!
I think it was as much a surprise to Janet as it was to me….

I’ve reviewed the videotape… It WAS her entire breast… Ahhhhhh…. I’m going to put this videotape in a safety deposit box!! This is the greatest Superbowl EVER!!! I love this game!!!!

I’m still reviewing… :doze: Don’t tell my wife!! Man oh man, and there’s a nice piercing… I gotta go… :crazy:

Wow, I can’t believe that actually happened! A little disturbing, but nothing like that has ever happened. I wonder what he was thinking? :confused:

I dont mind the boobie or the piercing…. but that thing was sagging – I’m sorry to say if it was planned – At least that was not.

I dont mind the boobie or the piercing…. but that thing was sagging – I’m sorry to say if it was planned – At least that was not.

I dont mind the boobie or the piercing…. but that thing was sagging – I’m sorry to say if it was planned – At least that was not.

I really hope it wasn’t part of the performance….Justin has been gettin’ it on with Janet in the past…I think it was just one of his boyish pranks

If anyone gets a video of that I just gotta see it to believe it! Please e-mail me back .But I know what I saw. That WAS her breast!

eeeeek i dont have "quicktime"- anymore pics….. no body believes me. MTV said her performance would be "shocking" :rolleyes:

A friend of mine just called to say there may have been a pastie w/ glitter, on afore mentioned boobie- maybe that would please the powers that be?

Coming from someone with pierced nipples…what she had on was called a nipple shield…its a type of nipple jewelry that works with your nipple ring! You can find them on about any body jewelry site! 😀

I have a TIVO – we paused and rewinded, then did frame by frame – TRUST ME, No pasties or anything covering it. That was her REAL TIT!!! Best Superbowl Ever.

Can someone post a video that shows more of her reaction afterwards? I’m trying to figure out it it was deliberate or what, and the video above cuts out too fast!

OK so now Justin is one up on Britney and Madonna. People will be talking about Janet’s exposed breast for days. You have to admit the boob flash was much hotter than the kiss. 😛

Interesting..the only thing she needs to do to become a complete skank now is to rape some young children like her brother. The only Jackson I had a remaining shred of hope for..has sunk to levels lower than even media whore Madonna. Nice going Janet. Oh…and my four year old was watching this Breastcast.. WAY TO GO JANET!

Wow! What a show! My favorite part was when I got to see her boobies! Woo Hoo! You go girl! :crazy:

Who has the digital on this so-called un-choreographed tit shot? And not the covered version that SI put out. Help a fan who missed the shot! :confused:

yes that was her brest. They did it in vevenge of his girlfriend kissing a the other women on MTV haha!! Jealousyyyyy :laugh:

Hooray for boobies! How could that be accidental? If you pull on fabric it will rip…..At the very least JT was in on it…..I love you JT!

Well guys.. The video is all over the P2P networks so I won’t bother posting anything here.. Just dl some P2P software and watch the whole thing over and over again. That was SO completely planned, and I can guarentee that AOL will be suing cause they sponsored the halftime show. Here’s the kicker.. The network approved the whole deal, and now are stating that they didn’t.. If you don’t believe me check out the Drudge Report. the link is in a prior post.

Survivor!! A true reality show is watching the Superbowl and having a skin flick pop-up. What a country! I guess I can’t slam the networks for bleeping out @ss but leaving Bi#%h in the audio.

Yeah, of course it was planned. how in the hell could MTV say that her performance would be "shocking" if they didn’t know beforehand? And by the way, it’s NOT her bare breast, she’s wearing some kind of nipple jewelery, (although you can see most of her skin beneath it). Janet has now graduated from merely being the sister of a shameless child molester, to actually promoting the idea for young women that it’s okay for famous people to tear the clothing off of other people on public television, in front of millions of viewers, (many of whom would undoubetedly be underaged). Congratulations, Janet Jackson, you are now a 2nd-class skank, willing to have yourself groped in front of a live audience to advance your career, while portraying yourself as a poor role model for young girls who look up to you at the same time.

yes, i do agree that it had to be planned…but myself being one of the working folk that missed out on the action, does anyone have a clip of the action?

much ado about nothing !! You crazy americans.. A tit goes for a second on the air and everybody is in shock… Murders – crazy politicians – violence is all ok but a tit…….

C’mon, give Janet a break… we all know that she’s a sex-freak (and has been making it clearer to world through the years in her music and interviews), but I really don’t believe that she would intentionally do that on live national televison. I honestly think that what happened was all because of Justin. Either he’s such a friggin klutz that he accidently yanked off the cup of the skimpy outfit, OR this is his childish payback after Janet dumped his prepubescent butt. (Anyone other than me remember him crying/whining about it when it happened?) As for the whole argument about MTV having planned it, the fact that you’re basing this on them advertising the show as going to be "shocking" is ridiculous. That kind of evidence for the basis of an argument is purely circumstantial, at best. How many other times do people (inc. MTV) advertise something as "shocking" or "electrifying", or whatever else the lame word of the day is, to try and reel in as many viewers as they can? It never really means anything, and that campaign was probably no more than a coincidence in the end.

She definately looked shocke, but Justin on the other hand, sure didn’t react like he was suprised it had come off. He ripped it with so much force, it had to of been on purpose. This would be a little different situation if it had happened on late night television. My 4 year old was watching too. And if her breast hadn’t been exposed, would anyone have mentioned the content of his song, or the dance moves that would provoke an erection on any man. The song itself should not have been perfomed on live television during a family event. I’m sorry, but the whole thing was just waiting to happen. I think it was a prank by Justin, but only he knows. Sure looked like he couldn’t wait to get that thing off. Poor Janet.

I agree with europeanbob. The cartoons viewed during the day are more voilent and shocking than one boob and a sexy dance.

Get a grip, it’s just a boob. Here we have commercials showing boobs and do you really think the 4 year old boy will get a trauma if he even saw it?

Give it a rest, listen to the lyrics of justin his song, And why are you americans so upset by a breast? Like Robnl said boobs are shown all the time on TV out here, and on the beach in the summer a lot of woman go topless to tan them a bit… get over it, a human body is not a crime. It’s not that they where having sex on the stage 😉

What a fucking trashy whore that bitch is. What’s she doing at a family sporting event showing her tits. Just goes to show what a fucked-up family the Jacksons are. Is she that desparate that she needs to be with that little faggot…WHORE!!!!

You Morons, in Africa people run around the bush naked and eat monkeys, we have different standards here in the US. If I want to see boobs I check out ADULT entertainment not family shows.

But of course you European Trash approve of what she has done, because where else could she expose herself to the young, not in Playboy… It seems that she is following the footsteps of her pervert brother when he played with himself during the debut of Black or White during primetime. The only way he could get kids to see him masterbate…

I agree with the Europeans… As said before, there is NOTHING wrong with nudity. If it was shown on TV in the US as in other countries, then it wouldnt be such a big deal. Nudity is the LAST thing the US needs to be concerned with.. theres MUCH worse things that need to be fixed.

I’m watching to see a good football game and not some trashy whore get dry humped on stage while she lip syncs to some crappy song because she can’t sing for shit. The whole Jackson family should be shot…

I was very disappointed because it was during family viewing hours. What they do for viewing outside of those hours is fine, but what happened yesterday was tasteless, thoughtless, and trashy. Janet nor Justin is innocent! It makes me wonder was really went on in the home of the Jackson household to produce such perversion!!!!

it was a great boob though.. and definitley a hilarious moment in sports history that i will definitley laugh about for days…

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