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  1. can someone tell me if the version of got til its gone heard in the megamix is/was availibe for purchase and possibly the name of it? thank you 😀

  2. :O OMG! Itz da shizz!! Hell yeah. :)Man itz lyk a tribute 2 da 1 n only Miss Janet Jackson. :(I wish she had more songs. :DHer moves are DA SHIT!! :cool:plus her clothes. :blush:Man i wish i was her. ;)U DA BOMB JANET! :laugh: :hehe: U R BETTA den Beyonce. Miss :crazy: in luv. im :confused: y u hav stopped. 😥 :plain: :angry: well i g2g :doze: bubbi 😀 😛 😉 :rolleyes: :satisfied:

  3. im 🙂 a bit :O not dat :(! 😀 dey did da mix. 😛 HELL YEAH!! 😉 yeah babee. :angry: if n e 1 h8z it. :blush: how hardout i am. not :confused: y she did it. 😎 cos she da bomb. it aint :crazy:. im so hapee :cry:. :doze: never get bored of it. :hehe: hehe. :laugh: LOL! :plain:it aint plain. dont :rolleyes: at dis message. cos u all all r all jelly :satisfied:


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