Janet and Jermaine at House of Blues in LA

{{popup janetjdxmasshop.jpg Janet and JD 321×357}}We’ve been sent a great new photo of Janet and Jermaine by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. It’s a recent photo of Janet and JD at the House of Blues in LA, attending a Anthony Hamilton performance. Click on the image to enlarge it!



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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they look nice….lovin da hair jj (i know nothin special is done to it) , but it’s nice to see it back black and beautiful….i hope she keeps it black, if not (looked tyte red too), gon jj do yo thang, whaeva floats ur boat, is more just fine

JD looks taller. He must have big shoes on or Janet has smal ones. Normally Janet looks taller.

this isnt to be mean cos i aint tryna be but i have noticed everywhere u go….there is no mass of comments by a whole bunch of fans with out a fan mentioning jermaines height…and janets height.! and i checked 5’4 on the wall in my house…damn dat is short….im 5’3 so that aint that bad! 🙂

Yeah, yeah great picture. Very Nice. Although JD lost some points with me on a video/porno he recently participated in with Nelly/Murphy Lee. I think it was the uncut version of Nelly’s latest video’s from his new cd Derrty Versions or something like that. All I have to say is JD better watch his step. With his ol’ Freaky self.

:hehe: even upside down they look so cute in this picture. Have a wonderful Christmas Janet and JD!!

okay what are yall looking at…I know yall are J’s fans, but come on…JD is busted all up in the grill and he looks tore up.

Yall know she could do better than that…is J that desperate? Like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again…


I hope she finds someone better than that. Am I the only fan up in here who speaks their mind and not kiss J’s behind. Yall know he looks busted!!

Quit lying just because yall like Janet! :crazy: :crazy:

Your right about JD lookin tore up but it’s obvious Janet went for personality this time. They do look cute together I might add. :satisfied:

like I said before but it must have been erased or never went through…

JD is ugly and on top of that I don’t see the chemistry between both of them in personalities either.

JD just seems so arrongant and "for show", Janet seems educated, laid back, sophisticated etc…

I just think she could do better all around to me.

And to be totally honest with you he brings Janet down to another level. I know alot of dudes that don’t look at Janet as being attractive anymore since she’s been w/ JD. He took something away from her. She just dosn’t look as good to me anymore now that JD is slobbin’ all over her.

It just looks Nasty.

Janet could do much, much better than that.

Not hatin’…just statin’!

Seems as though some people are still drinking that HATERADE. Damn, get over it. JD ain’t going n-e-where, No time soon. I’m sure that none of ya’ll "HATERS" are Denzel’s or Halle’s. So pssh.

karismah…please talk what you know.

I’m a male model that looks damn good, have no kids and got money so talk what you know about what somebody else looks like or have. (BTW: I’m sure all of you have seen me in ads that are in Vibe Magazine, Source, and other Mags and billboards…because I do alot of work for major clothing companies) but I’m not on here to talk about me and what I do for a living.

I just happen to be a Janet fan just like the rest of you.

I don’t need to drink Haterade to know that Janet could do much better than JD.

I’m sick of people always using the word "Hater" so freely when someone is just statin’ how they really feel.

I’m glad Janet is happy, if that’s what she really is, but I still believe that he rubs off on her in a negative way and she could do better…why settle for that.

Again these are just my opinions, which I have a right to and don’t have to be HATIN’, cos I already got mines I don’t need to hate on JD.

So again karismah talk what you know not what you assume…just some good advice for the future!


Well, here we go with people think because they are fans of an artist that they KNOW the artist. You guys have no idea if Jermaine is a bad influence on Janet or not. That is silly to even say. And how judgemental most of you are. So Janet needs to go for looks…yeah…then she’ll be happy.

I say more power to them. I don’t know their private conversations and how they treat each and other behind closed doors.

More power to them and I hope they are happy.

I totaly agree (cleva). It’s okay for oppinions, but I wish people would just get over it already. That woman is very happy can yall see that. It’s not about LOOKS DAM! :angry: I am praying for J.D. and J.J. Love Yall!

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