Janet’s divorce is finalised

Janet’s marriage to Rene Elizondo has been officially terminated by a Los Angeles judge. In court papers dated October 15th and obtained by, the couple’s divorce is now official – three years after Elizondo first filed. They secretly married in 1991 and Elizondo filed for divorce in May 2000.



By Darren

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If you read the documents and understand the simple legal terms used. It is easy to see he set his own ass up, he knew damn well he was signing a pre-nup. SHiT she gave him the damn beach house, he betta chill…..shoot if anyone has ever seen pictures of that beach house, it was sic…..that house was the bomb! Anyway,oh well he never got his 10 mil, or did he???what ever janet is doing much better with out his ass! What ever happened to Tina Landon? r her an Janet still cool??

i doubt they are cause you ahvent heard from tina at ALL save for a little janet vh1 special in 2001. and shes been MISSING. how do u think janet has never revealed who "you ain’t right"is about? think

i doubt they are cause you havent heard from tina at ALL save for a little janet vh1 special in 2001. and shes been MISSING. how do u think janet has never revealed who "you ain’t right"is about? think

:plain:i WOULDNT GIVE HIM SHIT!!! not the house, not no money, I would give him a Thank You Card, with two pennies taped on the card, the card will say this: "Thank You Rene for your two cents though out my career." and thats it, He better be happy with that damn beach house, man that house was off the chain, I know janet misses that house. I may not know the whole damn story, but he kinda shady if you ask me, I only go by whats on T.V. I dont like the fact that he made it seem he wrote all of janet songs by himself, like janet didnt have nothing to do with it, he was just there his two cent, and he trying take credit now, he had his time to take credit for his work, back in the day, and I believe if he would have taking credit he would be really know, cause seriously I didnt know who rene was until the Velvet Rope era was around, cause he was finally taking credit for his work, and Janet was giving him props to, it aint like she was taking all the credit from him, but anyways I`m not even gonna trip its over now, we are with JD now so I hope this one isnt a rotten apple.

I thought that " U Ain’t Right" was about Tina but I wasn’t sure, because there was no concrete evidence out there that there was any beef between the 2. However, the song does sound as though she is talking about Tina, but there have been madd other heads that have done Janet wrong, so it could go either way If she really is talking about Tina then that sucks because Tina, Janet and Shawnette have the same tattoos on there wrist because they had or have a bond. (not saying thats what the tattoo means, but I am saying they did get the same tattoo, together and its located on their rights wrists). Oh well that’s the way life goes…. :P….lol

hey yall uumh i though that u aint right could have been about tina or about nikki who had been dancing with janet since the janet tour and the velvet rope tour but i do think that its definatly one of the 2 most likely tina but i saw tina on an mtv show it was about possse of artist and she was talkin about jan and how she travels in style blah blah hhhm oh well

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