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Audition Venue


Auditions for the Kids for Janet’s upcoming project will be held on November 1st and November 2nd at Alley Kat Studios in Hollywood, California. The studios have also been booked for November 3rd in case choreographer Gil Duldalao decides he needs more time to find the perfect combination of Janet dancers.




  1. i can’t wait for janet’s auditions. i will be flying out there from nyc. damn i really want to be one of her dances. 😀

  2. How can we register/apply/sign-up? Do we just show up with a resume? What are the requirements? Ohhh it’s my dream!! Please reply! I love you for it!!!

  3. Marc you need to go to answers4dancers.com and register (about $22.50 for 3 months) to received the info on time and wardrobe requirements for the auditions. Only a4d members will receive an email on the 29th Oct. about the auditions.


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