When Desiree Met Janet

{{popup janetdesiree.jpg janetdesiree 480×338}}It’s over a year now since Janet was the star of MTV:icon, but no true Janet fan will forget the heartfelt poem read by Desiree Joseph as a tribute from all Janet fans across the world. Here, exclusively on Janet Love, Desiree tells her story:

March 10, 2001: It was a Saturday and a chilly night but I didn’t care because when I stepped in that limo I knew I was going too have a wonderful night. When we got there they made me sign a book that they said they were gonna give too Janet. I put a little message and went on my way. After that I went and chilled in the VIP section and thats were I met Taj and Taryll Of the group 3T. I was so happy that I had their autograph. I noticed that lights were flashing and I realised that people were
walking down the red carpet. After a while it was time for me to take my seat. So me and my mom sat down and 5 minutes later, the show began. I was so thrilled that I was sitting only a couple seats away
from Janet and about 20 minutes after the show started Taye Diggs and I were brought on stage. I went on stage and was not at all nervous because I knew that my hero and idol was watching me. I was going to do the best I could. I was amazed at Janet’s reactions. She looked like she was gonna cry.

After I got off stage Taye and I were talking to the camera and he tapped me on the shoulder and said “There goes your girl, right there!” And I yelled “Janet” and she took a glance back and came jogging towards me and gave me a hand shake and a big hug. This guy with a camera took a picture of us and I went back too my seat to enjoy the show (and of course Janet’s performance was the best of the show) – I was up and screaming the whole time. After the show we were walking out and Beyonce
from Destiny’s Child came by me and took a pic with me and told me that I did a great job. Kelly and
Michelle did the same.

So afterwards we went to chill in the private section and there was Janet’s trailer, Destiny’s Child’s and Usher’s. So I was just walking around and I saw Janet’s dancer Bucky. So I walked up to her and I was
said “hi” and I told her that she did a really great job. And she said “thank you”. So after that I was
standing in front of Janet’s trailer just dying to go in. This guy that works with her said “Can I
help you with anything?” And so I said “I want to go in Janet’s trailer”. And he replied “OK maybe we can work something out” So he went in and then he told me to just stay there and that Janet was going to come out but it was going to be quick and I was probably only going to be able to get a picture.

And so I was a little disappointed but I understood. So I just stood there waiting for her to come out. And then this guy came out to me and said “OK, Janet is ready for you now!” And I was like “Wait. What???” And he said “Come on. Janet wants to meet you!” So as I walked in I saw that Janet, Bucky and Kelly and some other people were sitting down watching an early copy of the show. So I just stood
there and watched with them.

After the show ended Bucky and Kelly got up and gave Janet a hug and told her that they had to go. So then I walked up to her and she was sitting down in this chair and I simply said “Janet.Can I take a picture with you?”.

She replied “Sure” and she reached her arms out to me and I was like “OMG Janet wants me to sit on her lap”. So I sat and we had the above picture taken. After that we talked for a little, I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek telling her I love her. And she said it back and told me thank you. As I left I looked at her autograph and It said : Desiree , You are So Beautiful , Thank you so Very Much!!!!! Love Always , Janet Jackson. This was the best day of my life and I will never forget it.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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