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New MTV Documentary to air in UK


A new half-hour documentary about Janet will air in the UK on SATURDAY 15th JUNE and SUNDAY 16th JUNE on MTV UK. Entitled “THE STORY OF JANET JACKSON”, it is purported to include never before seen footage and clips from interviews with Janet. Catch it on MTV UK on Saturday at 6.00pm and on Sunday at 8.00pm.

Additionally, the Nickolodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in which Janet receives the WANNABE AWARD will also be aired in the UK on Nickolodeon on SUNDAY 16TH JUNE at 5.30pm. Make sure you watch them both!




  1. it was supposed to air here in Italy this afternoon but they didn’t! I think it’s not an half an hour documentary but an whole hour.

    see ya

  2. 🙁 i wish i were in the uk yall have better stuff and plus yall have more janet singles like throb go deep etc and more janet stuff and shows and interveiws plus the us is so boring the uk is full of excitement! So anyway i did wacth the nick awards i think she looked beautiful

  3. Hey guys they aired it this afternoon!! I caught it just on time but i couldn’t tape it! 🙁 There is an interview, which i had already seen, with many images from videos, live performances and specials about Janet. This was the first part tomorrow they are going to air the second and final part.


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