Janet and Beenie Man duet

According to MTV France, Janet has recorded a duet with Beenie Man (who has already collaborated on titles with Wyclef Jean, Kelis and Steve Perry in the past). According to Virgin France, this piece entitled “Feel It Boy”, in the works for summer (no confirmed date), will be the first single extracted from Beenie Man’s album “Tropical Storm”, to be released in mid-September. A video will be filmed at the end of June in Jamaica, but it is unknown yet whether Janet will feature in it.

MTV also reports that a new album will be out at the beginning of 2003 and that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis will be her continuing producers as well as The Neptunes for the titles “Boyz” and “Ecstasy”.

ADDED: However, on Beenie Man’s official site, a song is listed on the album as FEEL IT GIRL and although there is a mention of a collaboration with Lil’Kim, there is no talk of Janet being featured at all. We’ll keep you updated.



By Darren

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