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Janet unveils own jewellery line

Janet Jackson has announced she is releasing her own diamond jewellery line called the Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds Collection.

Playing on her song with Herb Alpert,  Diamonds, the new range will be priced for the ultra luxury market.

Janet dazzled at the BET Awards  wearing some of the line. A heart shaped necklace made with twenty-five carats of Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds will retail at $2 million, as well as a thirteen carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond ring retailing at $500K.

A collector and glorious wearer of great gems, Janet will be giving her new high-styled stones one of the most visible launches ever by decorating herself with them for her upcoming Unbreakable World Tour which begins in late August. Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds is also set to be a sponsor of the highly anticipated tour.

Describing the Janet Jackson dazzle of the new line, Paul Raps noted from the company’s new headquarters in New York, “The Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds Collection is a gracefully sophisticated yet elegant match. Our intention is to capture for the world this unique icon’s inherent understanding, taste and passion for the world’s most coveted gem stone.  Its essence will be majestic and exquisitely cut stones which can compliment her truly electric personality, talent, style and signature dancing grace.  In short, the Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds line will blend integrity, prestige, and authentic brilliance.”

The iconic entertainer has confirmed that Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds will be available through



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