Home News Mel B admits there’s no Janet duet


  1. Discipline (Vynil) is #6 in Music > R&B > Vinyl Records (AMAZON.COM)

    Get your copy now!!!



    1.- You don´t have the Vynil, and this double LP is beauuuuutiful, BIG, and sounds lovely

    2.- As it is now, discipline is dead, and a little help won´t hurt at all

    3.- Amazon sales are Soundscan registered, so it counts for Billboard

    4.- Cause you wanna help Janet, but you already bought Discipline, so you could get it this time in this very special different format

    5.- Cause if you are outside the US, you´ll be charged in dollars. That means shipping costs included, it´ll even be cheaper than in you own country, since dollar is sooo low right now compared to Euros or Pounds

    6.- Cause LPs are limited editions, so you better get it now before it´s too late


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