Home News Janet launches priority tour ticketing for fans

Janet launches priority tour ticketing for fans


Janet will soon be officially launching a website to give fans priority ticketing for her tour. JanetFanclub.com is accessible now and an official announcement about the site will be made shortly via a press release. Sign up for information now at www.janetfanclub.com.




  1. I am glad that Janet is taking the chance to reward her loyal fans with priority tickets – and hopefully premium seats! I recall for the last UK tour, I was in the Miss Janet club, and we were all guaranteed tickets within the first 10 rows of each show – which actually worked out!
    Any idea how much it will cost to join this fanclub?

  2. hey j thank you for giving your fans a chance to see you up close and personal by rewarding them with tickets GOD bless you and keep dong with you are doing and i will always support you in all that you do. I’ll be waiting here in Saint Louis for ya. Love you!!!!!!!
    Gwen C.


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