‘Can’t B Good’ added to Rhythm/Crossover on 20th May

According to FMQB, Janet’s next single in the U.S. will be Can’t B Good and will be added to Rhythm/Crossover stations on May 20th.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

4 replies on “‘Can’t B Good’ added to Rhythm/Crossover on 20th May”

Already added to XM-62. They have been playing it on a regular. I actually like the song and she sounds so good on it.

It is not Janet’s “next” single in the US. It is Janet’s current single in the US. It was released to US radio about 4 weeks ago, where have you been? They’re just adding it to another format now.

What ever happened to Rock WIth U???? Such a great song and an amazing video. Why is that not being promoted????

Chris you are somewhat right but it is officially the next single. Rock With U was and is the current and second single. R & B markets were playing LUV instead of “RWU”. LUV made it to the top 30’s but since there were no video or marketing it fell off.

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