Wiki: Still some way to go

Whilst there’s been a lot of traffic to the newly launched, only a handful of people have been helping to write articles. If you can spare just a few minutes to write even just one line about something on the Wiki then please do. It’s with your help that the site will grow.

Targets for Week Ending 4th May 2008 are to complete articles on:

Janet Jackson (album) * Dream Street (album) * Control (album) * Rhythm Nation (album) * .janet (album) * Design of a Decade (album) * Velvet Rope (album) * All For You (album) * Damita Jo (album) * 20 Y.O. (album) * Discipline (album) * Feedback (song) * Rock With U (song) * LUV (song) * All For You (song) * Doesn’t Really Matter (song) * Someone to Call my Lover (song) * Son of a Gun (song) * So Excited (song) * Call On Me (song) * All Nite (Don’t Stop) (song) * Just A Little While (song) * I Want You (song) * Together Again (song) * I Get Lonely (song) * Got ‘Til It’s Gone (song) * Go Deep (song)



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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