Home News Janet visits hospital with flu

Janet visits hospital with flu


Janet was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles “late last night with a shortness of breath”, according to Us Magazine.

A rep this morning told the magazine: “Janet is fine. She’s just battling this flu like everyone else.”

Update 18:12 GMT: Janet Love has learnt that Janet’s trip to Cedars-Sinai was a brief visit which did not require an overnight stay and she was released after being treated for flu-like symptoms.




  1. get well soon please look after yourself and drink a lot of hot fluids, and water and get plenty of rest, flu is dangerous now and it can kill I always keeping a close eye on you too c what u r up to please look after yourself and do what ever the nurse or doctor tells u that your best option

  2. thats going around everyones getting it i had it and it lasted like 3or 4 weeks well take care and get plenty of bed rest and some chicken soup and crackers lol


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