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Discipline advert in UK Echoes Magazine

discipline_echoesUKad.jpgAn advert will appear in an upcoming issue of the UK’s Echoes Magazine to promote the upcoming release of Janet’s album Discipline. As you will notice from the photo to the right, the UK version of the album artwork is slightly different with Janet’s full name printed rather than just her forename. Mercury Records (Janet’s UK record label) are going for a ‘soft-release’ in the UK and allocating the bulk of their promotional budget to boost album sales upon the release of Janet’s next single, LUV.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

10 replies on “Discipline advert in UK Echoes Magazine”

I’m glad her surname is on show, no messing with that name! the not so avid fans may take notice of the new album this time around…. fingers crossed.

5 days to go!

Janet is amazing you silly thing, instead of sparying vileness on this lovely JANET site why dont you make yourself a Beyonce weave and spin around your room to the freemasons remix of “Greenlight”

Jamesuk – I would not even respond to Ping or acknowledge its existence. Obviously it has no friends or it would not spend its time on web pages of people it doesnt even like, It really is a shame , if we ignore it may get bored and go away.

Darren keep up the good work and hopefully we will see Janet in the uk real soon

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