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Janet Love EXCLUSIVE: Clip from 2nite


Remember where you heard it first…I’ve just got my hands on 2nite and Greatest Ex Eva. This site is now sporting a clip of 2nite. We could have posted the whole song, but in defiance to the pirates and those that leak albums, we’ve decided just to share a very short clip as we know how much you’ve been dying to hear it.

SO, now you’ve heard a bit of it, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Leave your comments here now!



P.S. If it’s not working, try clearing you cache, closing your browser and returning to the site. Alternatively simply go to a page of the site you’ve never visited before.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

36 replies on “Janet Love EXCLUSIVE: Clip from 2nite”

Ummm.. What’s the point of posting a 30 sec clip when the whole album will leak on Sunday the latest?

oh my god I love it, each song so far are amazing, this album is going to be her best, hope this will be a single

OMFG!!! this is f**kin’ hot!!!! so far every track has been amazing!!! getting EVEN more excitted about the album 🙂

Its ok. I think she needs vocal lessons to make her vocals stronger. When she was taking them I remember her voice was a lot stronger. I still like the song.It’s definitely not better than all for you. i am a Janet fan regardless and I will always support. I know there are other songs that are better than this coming so i am not worried.
But where is Greatest Ex.

WOW! EVERY new track has blown me away! i can’t get enough of janet jackson and her discipline!

this will be a VERY strong album… from what i’ve read only one song can be regarded as filler (“let me know”), and it’s only a bonus track anyway…

AHHHH, i love this song. it sounds like straight up Old Skool Classic Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, im glad i signed on to this site 2nite. LUV IT!!!!!!!

I loved it. I love the Jackson feel of it. I ‘m a big Jackson fan. You get the J5 feel from Greatest Ex. Eva. Keep rockin’ Janet. Love Ya

I love it!! omg!!! OMG!!! I LUV “2NITE” itz amazing sound!!!! and i really hope she does a music video to it!!!! im luvin this song!!!!it jus may become my favorite dsnce track on the album “DISCIPLINE” GO JANET!!! LUVIN EVERY BIT AND PIECE OF YOUR CREATIONS!

*DONK* you know that this is you all the way i love all of your work keep bringing wont you do for your fans i cant wait to see you in concert because you are my biggist fan i have love your work since penny and their on i love it

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