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  1. Janet Jackson is still undecided about going on another world tour she says. After announcing to her fans that she will tour this summer of 2007.

    Now, Jackson says she might tour next year (2008) because she wants to work on another album. Apparently, the sale of Jackson’s current album (20 Y.O.) has not been doing very well in stores, and Jackson feels their is no reason to promote it. Although she made no mention of it in her interview on Access Hollywood.

    Janet Jackson is still a great performer, and I believe she can rock the charts again like she did in the past with Control, Rhythm Nation, and Janet. Unfortunately, Jackson has not been able to produce a hit album, but has produce hit singles like “All For You,” and “Someone To Call My Lover.”

    We can all look forward on seeing Janet Jackson live in concert, hopfully next year. Only time will tell if Jackson has decided to tour or not.

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