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10.jpgJanet Love has obtained information about some of the songs due to make it to the final cut of Janet’s new album, 20 Years Old.

SO EXCITED – “Drums pound as the bassline shudders resulting in a beat which many will gyrate to in minimal clothing in urban dancespots”

DO IT TO ME – “is packed with Oohs and Ahhs and lyrics saying: ‘Turn up the music, to drown down the screams, I need you all night baby. Your pleaseure is to give me pleasure, that’s why I call on you.’

GET IT OUT OF ME – “sees bhangra beats pulsate as Janet’s breathy vocals career into slithering synths.”

ENJOY – “This track is a step back to Janet’s All For You era, and one to play with the car windows wound down.”

SHOW ME – “It’s very Gwen Stefani. Taking the talky bit from Hollerback Girl and inviting ‘all my ladies say S.h.o.w. M.e.’

WITH YOU – “a beautiful ballad doing exactly what it says on the tin”

DAYBREAK – “very Eighties”



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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