Nelly talks about Call On Me video


clip_image002.jpgIn an interview with APTN (Associatied Press Television News), Nelly has spoken of his initial aprehension over the Call On Me video.

It’s different, you know the song, ‘Call On Me.’ It’s really different. It’s different from any video that I’ve ever done. Definitely it’s a Janet Jackson video so you can imagine the production. It was shot by Hype Williams and when I was told of the video I was looking like, ‘oh my goodness, what am I getting myself into.’ But I had to remember I had to be open. Keep my mind open. Tell myself, ‘Nelly it’s not your video. You are not going to be in the hood. You’re not going to have your cars. It’s a Janet Jackson thing so you got to be open.’ Once she explained it to me, and again, it’s Janet Jackson so I’m putting my trust in her. It’s Hype Williams, I’m putting my trust in her. It’s Jermaine Dupri, I’m putting my trust in him. Or I should say, it’s Hype Williams, I’m putting my trust in him not her. Again Hype Williams is critically acclaimed for his videos. Janet Jackson is iconic in her own way and Jermaine is one of my best friends so I know he won’t let me down.

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