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Janet on XM Satellite Radio

200706_satelliteradio.jpgWhile in Washington DC today, Janet also appeared on XM Satellite Radio. Here’s a bit of information from their website:

200706_satelliteradio5.jpgThe music, the lifestyle…the icon, Janet Jackson sits down with Lisa a.k.a Sexy Chocolate and DJ Xclusive to tell her life story “from scratch”. We’ll go back to her infamous role as “Penny ” on Good Times, find out if she was really in “control” 20 years ago, what exactly that Velvet Rope album was all about, will she walk down the aisle again and we’ll get you a sneak listen of the new CD before it drops on September 26! Hear it all from Janet…From Scratch!

Thurs Sept 14 9PM ET
Sun Sept 17 2PM ET
Tues Sept 19 4PM ET
Thurs Sept 21 8AM ET
Sat Sept 23 2PM ET
Mon Sept 25 7PM ET
Tues Sept 26 5PM ET
Thurs Sept 28 11PM ET
Sat Sept 30 Noon ET




By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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