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12.jpgJanet has posted a new message on her official website,

Hey u guys-

How are u? How is your summer going? Mine is sooo busy. Video shoots, photo shoots, radio tours and I’m about to start rehearsals soon because if u didn’t know, I’ll be performing live on The Today Show on September 29th. Stay tuned 4 details on the location. I hope u will join me there.

But before all of that, I’m on my way to D.C., Atlanta and Chicago to do a small radio promotional tour so I can meet some radio program directors and press and talk about my new album. Then I’ll be back in New York to shoot the cover for Italian Vanity Fair with the fabulous Ruven Afandaor and then off to Europe. I’m going to London, Berlin and Paris to visit my fans across the seas and do some press and radio interviews and of course experience the nightlife! While in Paris, I’m going to shoot the cover of V magazine with the incredible Jean Paul Goude — I’m so excited — Paris is 1 of my favorite cities in the world. So look for me as I’ll be looking for u.

After Europe I’ll come back to New York to visit BET’s 106 & Park on July 31st. Please come n hang out w/me there and don’t forget to catch the world premiere of my video on BET’s “Access Granted” on July 26th. I hope u like it!

And guess what, I have something just for u. On Monday July 17th, log onto and enter a contest where u can design a cover for my new album. I know how creative u guys are and I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do. This should be fun and yes, I will be the one and only judge!

Well, I gotta run — lots to do. But keep in touch…and I’ll do the same.


P.S. – I forgot to tell u, I have a website (and yes, I do check it nightly) and I am also updating my current website around August 1. As always, keep checking back…so you can be the first to know.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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