Khia speaks up about upcoming Janet collaboration

In a recent interview with, rapper Khia commented on her upcoming collaboration with Janet on the track ‘So Excited’. Now I hear that you might have a song with Janet Jackson? Is that true?

Khia: Ohhhh! [in shock] Yes, it’s true. The song is going to be promoted with her album, not with mine. It’s called “So Excited.” It’s a hot track, and it’s going to be the second single off her album. I love Janet to death. I was so excited when she called to do the song. I think it’s a good tag team and I enjoyed working with her. I turned down a lot of people that wanted to collaborate and said I’d never collaborate with another female rapper, but I couldn’t turn down Janet.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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