A dedicated fan has asked me to put this up on the site. It’s very important and I have also included, at the end a list of email addresses to send your requests to. Even if you’re not in the UK, you can still request Janet. We need to group together and get requesting.

Daz have you seen this weeks MusicWeeK? Janet is not getting ANY airplay on UK stations they reported that the video for JALW is the highest new entry on the video chart at number 13 but the single is at 424 on the airplay chart which means it’s just not getting played, this has something to do with Virgin pulling it from the radio cos they were delaying the release of the single but, radio should have re-added it to there programms by now, this really serious as DJ is out next week JALW is the only thing to promote it.

The only station that has re-added to there playlist is Radio 2 they have C listed it, I found this really bizarre becuase when the song first went to radio, Radio 1 had it as there single of the week.

Please put this in you news section and try to get the UK fans to ring up Captial, Kiss and Radio 1 and requeat JALW. Thanks. Oggie

We’ve created a special link which when you click will send an email to lots of UK DJs. It will open your email program and then in the email request Janet.

Click here to send an email to request JUST A LITTLE WHILE