Janet to appear on David Letterman

From Associated Press: David Letterman, who got an eyeful of Courtney Love ‘s breasts during Wednesday’s “Late Show,” has booked another noted breast-barer, Janet Jackson .

The singer will grant Letterman her first network TV interview on the “Late Show” on March 29, the show announced Thursday.

Starting that week, Jackson is making a round of media appearances to promote her new album, “Damita Jo.” She’ll appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and Fox’s “On the Air With Ryan Seacrest.”

She’ll also be on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Her appearance on Letterman is a coup for the talk-show host, considering it was also on CBS where Jackson had her controversial Super Bowl halftime show exposure. She later stayed away from the Grammy Awards on CBS, reportedly because the network wanted her to apologize for the Super Bowl performance.

Letterman’s show is pre-taped, allowing for editing. When Love leaped on Letterman’s desk Wednesday and lifted her shirt to expose her breasts, the shot was edited to obscure the view.

Jackson will be Seacrest’s sole guest and will perform for a crowd outside the Hollywood-area complex where the show is taped.

Fox spokesman John Rizzotti said it was uncertain whether she’ll perform one or two songs after Seacrest (also host of Fox’s “American Idol”) interviews her.

A seven-second delay, standard for the show, will be in place for her April 2 appearance, Rizzotti said.

The fallout from Jackson’s Super Bowl antics has been extensive, with the public and politicians clamoring for the TV industry to clean up its act.



By Darren

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3 replies on “Janet to appear on David Letterman”

OH great so Courtney "Crazy ASS" Love flashed her titties (both of ’em) on PURPOSE and no one is sayin nothin’, this is the first time I’m hearin bout it and it happened a week ago, thats so messed up, any how I heard Janet didnt decide to stay away but it’s that they told her she couldn’t go, the Grammy committee is full of ass holes. I hope everythin goes well on the show, ya know David Letterman gonna have some stupid sh!t to say, he always does. I hate that fool but I like Janet so I’m gonna watch.

hey daz, there was an interview of janet on a us radio station today, just thought i would let you know it was really good. no new news really she talked a lil bout strawberry bounce, and things like that but, it was a great interview. she is sooooooooo funny. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

As "obscene" as the media claims that the whole superbowl thing was, they’re still more than happy to keep showing it on the air. They’re such hypocrites. The same losers who try to blast Janet know that they’re still gonna go buy her cd.

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