UK single release pushed back

{{popup jalw_uksingle1.jpg UK single 300×300}}According to various sources, including and Virgin Records UK, the UK release of Janet’s new single has been pushed back to April 12, 2004. The original date of March 15, 2004 was deemed to early due to the lack of promotion and airplay.

The album is still scheduled for release on March 29, 2004. Click the image to the left to view a large version of the UK CD single cover.



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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i’m not happy about this first single i’m one of her biggest fans but there has to be a better single as the first.

Kurt when you say a better single are you referring to "Just A Litlle While" or "I Want You"?? Man, I wonder why they aren’t playing it though??

I’m a long time fan of Janet also but I have a sinken feeling in my gut that "Damita Jo" may be janet’s first flop since "Dreamstreet" I live in the Bayarea and there is no radio play of any of her new singles which is a first especially with her album due to be released in a few weeks. Also Usher is releasing his new cd on March 23rd a week before "Damita Jo" I still will support my girl though.

i love how daz acts like he talked to someone at virgin and knows the reason why they postponed it.

Lol,u go Daz. I think they’re just makin’ us wait, tryin’ to build up anticipation, I’m cool with that I don’t mind waitin’ for Janet coz I know the album is gonna be good I love everythin’ she did since control,everyone is sayin she made a bad choice havin’ Just a little while as the first single but people advised her not to have That’s the way love goes as the first single for Janet sayin’ it wasn’t strong enough and look how well that did it was #1 for like 10 weeks or somethin’, Janet knows what she’s doin’ all we gotta do is just wait on her :satisfied:

Im agreeing with Damien…ive been out and no one has it….seems like it…but they were playing it in circuit city but playin "i want you" on the radio….

daz dya kno if the uk album will have the bonus dvd? i forgot 2 email u back – i cant send u those janet remixes online cuz im only on dial up, but ill send u a cd if u want

Just what is she playing at? I expected great things after the disaster that was ‘All For Poo’ an AWFUL album which had about 2 good songs on it and even the standout track ‘Someone To Call My Lover’ was hardly a classic by her standards. But now, incredibly, just when you think that anything she releases couldn’t fail to shine after her last horrible flop album, she manages to come up with something that compares with the worst songs on it.

Ironically, this is the one time when she gets the most press attention in her career and ordinary people actually started talking about her after the Superbowl publicity stunt, sorry, "wardrobe malfunction" – but let’s face it, desperate measures are called for when your material is this poor. Surely she should know that the lead-off single has to be good?

This was her one chance at finally getting a UK number one single – something I know that’s an ambition of hers. But ‘Just A Little While’ makes her last so-so comeback single ‘All For You’ sound like a classic. Janet surely holds the dodgy distinction of having the most UK top 10 hits without a number one. It’s an absolute tragedy that talentless wannabes like J.Lo have a UK no 1 before Janet, someone who achieved so much in the history of pop. Even nonentities like Dannii Minogue have more chance of topping the charts these days. And there could be worse in store. This is apparently her "most sexual" album – how much more sex can she possibly cover after the yawnfest ‘All For You’? No doubt there’ll be a dozen more annoying, pointless interludes between bland songs with whispered, mumbled vocals as well.

I have to put my say in, if it’s good, we’ll buy it and get it played, if it isn’t, we’ll buy it and it won’t get played. I know I own a copy of "Dream Street" and listen to it from time to time. No matter what us Janet fans will buy it and show her love. I think even a "bad" Janet album would still be great compared to most artists nowadays.

FAce it its janet noone compares to our Janet her worst album is always an amazing album. everyone thinks ALL FOR YOU was a bad album any hey maybe it was her worst album but it sold like hot hams at chritmas i dont care if the "press" says its sucks i noe Janet’s an amazing artist she loves wat she dose and i love it too so im ganna go buy atleast 2 copies of her new album

I have a feeling 😀 that "Damita Jo" will come close to the success of her best record to date ‘Janet.’ Not with her first release ‘Just a Little While’ -bound to be a flop- :(but when she releases ‘I Want You’ as the 2nd single. Good be wrong, but this track ROCKS! :cool 😀

I have a feeling 😀 that "Damita Jo" will come close to the success of her best record to date ‘Janet.’ Not with her first release ‘Just a Little While’ -bound to be a flop- :(but when she releases ‘I Want You’ as the 2nd single. Could be wrong, but this track ROCKS! 😎

How could u say that will be a flop? I’ve seen the pics from this video and it’s gonna be alot of things but a flop, noooo, she is so f*ckin’ sexy in that video excuse my language but ya gotta cuss when ya talkin bout how sexy Janet is :satisfied:, I hope it has a lil dance interlude she always kills when she does those. Either way everyone is gonna love it even the haters though they wont admit it 😛 :satisfied:

:O 😛 😀 😛 😎 😎 :crazy: 😥 :hehe: :hehe: :plain: :rolleyes: :satisfied: 😥 😎 :doze: 😥 :confused: 😉 🙁 :blush: :satisfied: :plain:

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