Just A Little While video premiere

Janet’s video for Just A Little While will premiere in the U.S. on Monday March 8th on both BET and VH1 according to



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

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🙂 I have been waiting on this for a while now. And this song had to grow on me. :rolleyes: but i am very curious to see what the damce moves look like in this video. what are the costumes look like. Will it be a totally new Janet look or something that we have seen in the past. Either way i am glad that she is back, because that britney spears chick is stealing all of Janet’s moves and style, and she is really getting on my nerves. Janet, come back and show there Hoes that you are still the baddest bitch on the planet, and that no one can do what you do better than you can do it. 😎

Amen, Amen Julian!! 😎

Long live the real Pop queen, the one & only, Ms. Janet Jackson!!!! Always imiatated but should be celebrated!!!!!

You WORK your magic, Girl like only you can, Jan!!!!

Julian u aint lyin’ :satisfied: I’m tired of all the Janet clones too i’m glad she’s back to show ’em how to do it and to it well, I’m just glad to see any vidoe after Ashanti’s(another clone) lastest mess, what’s up with the moves in that video it’s like a Janet video gone completely wrong. can u believe I already have Janet’s video all planned from the look to the moves :laugh: I can’t wait to see how right I am, I’m already holdin’ a bet on it, so wish me luck.
and yeah I’m glad MTV wasn’t mentioned, they can kiss my a*s 😛

I can’t wait till it comes out in ganna sit home and watch both channels for and we know that its ganna be amazing thats Janets nature. Knowing Janet it will be a new Janet im really looking forward to see how she’s doin now. All i know is that im always ganna support her in every choice she makes, as alot of you guys will.

now if anyone reads this that has any pull, please holla. I think it would be amazing if artist such as janet ,made music movies instead of a music videos,it is pretty much the same thing, but the music movie would be an interpatation of the whole album instead of two or three videos, every album has a story,so artists make music videos to tell it,why not a music movie, this will coincide with the music movies dvd and cd release.Now i know the idea has to be fined tuned a bit, but if you like it and only if you do like, and you would like to give a girl some tips. please holla at [email protected].

Jamita Jo is listed on as an import, which one rabid fan has already gave a rather vague and unconvincing 5 star review for. Is it on file sharers yet? I may download this one first after the disappointment of ‘All For You’.

Anyway, the cover’s quite nice, if a bit predictable and deja vu – more nudity? And is the explicit lyrics sticker really necessary? Putting one F- word on an album to get a parental advisory is a bit sad, implying that the content isn’t strong enough on its own merits.

And fire, didn’t Janet already kinda do the videos as a movie thing with Rhythm Nation? It’s not really a new concept. Oh well, enough complaining for one night.

I so disagree AFY was great ( it just didn’t have enough videos) I loved almost all those songs, each one was completey dif., none of them even had a similar sound and the way she used the word f*ck in Love Scene was completey necessary if u listen to the song,( she keeps it real and doesn’t sugarcoat things,sometimes ya just gotta say f*ck, "makin love" isn’t always appropriate),true it wasn’t my fav. Janet album but thats just coz I’m a VR girl I live by Rope Burn and Tonight’s the night :blush:, Janet always gives us a "new her" in every album I can’t wait to see what she’ll be like in this one, I’m thinkin’ it gonna be a more vulnerable her, just sayin that from how the pics look and the second song, its all about loooove baby and I can’t wait :rolleyes: :satisfied:

Aww, I wanted to see the video this week. Oh well. And I loved the "All For You" cd. That’s her best cd to me. I can’t wait for the "Just a Little While" video. Does anyone know the concept of the video?

Aww, I wanted to see the video this week. Oh well. And I loved the "All For You" cd. That’s her best cd to me. I can’t wait for the "Just a Little While" video. Does anyone know the concept of the video?

YAYYYYY!!! OMG *can’t hardly breath* lol I can’t wait to see this video. I’m sure if you reallllly listen to the words of this song, you might get an idea of what this video will be like. Does anyone know when the single will be released out in the stores so I can buy it? I thought is was supposed to be out yesterday. And to HELL WITH MTV!!!! Puttin’ my 2 cents in…LOL Hugzz and Luvzz…Sweets

shes back queen of pop, dance ,r&b, etc not beyonce, britney , mya christina, madonna she about to show them how ites done i love u janet. :laugh: :laugh: :rolleyes:

you people are not music fans only janet fans which is freakin weired.what else do you guys n here listen besides the queen of pop, P.S i already know thr RN album touched on the movie thing stupid, ergo my inspiration. Like i said anyone with any pull or insite holla [email protected]

Thats what I’m talking Janet come back a put Britney out her misery an dthe rest of the divas who are trying to take your spot. 😛

im so glad ms. Jackson is finally outy with her new video, but I must say it could have been a lot better :laugh: the video wasnt as good as I thought it would be. shes even more nasty than Brittney

im in love with janet and shes the best out there. shes a lot better than brittney and christina. even though she had her oops at the super bowl :laugh: she is still the best 😎 😉

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