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Washington DC Listening Party

CodeBlu Media, EMI, Virgin presents
March 28th
2406 18th Street, NW
Washington DC / Adams Morgan
7pm -9pm

March 29th
The Edge
Washington DC
10pm -2am
For more info & details call 443 306 3195 or email [email protected]


HMV UK’s support for Janet

HMV’s up and down the country will be showing their support for Janet’s latest release. All UK stores have been ordered to display artwork of Janet’s new album, Damita Jo, in their window displays in-store.


The Times reviews Damita Jo

Here is a very positive review from The Times which gave Damita Jo a four out of five star rating! The newspaper edition also prints a previously unseen photo of Janet performing on her UK promo tour.

JANET JACKSON is The Most Looked Up Lady On The Internet. The question is not how did it happen to the sweetest-sounding member of the Jackson clan — think of Super Bowl, Justin, wardrobe malfunction — but how come it took so long?

It has been more than a decade since Jackson first tried to outrage Middle America. In 1993 she posed for the cover of her fifth album naked from the waist up, jeans unzipped and with a bloke’s hands on her breasts. But when the CD hit the shops, the shot had been cropped at the shoulders.

What the censors couldn’t hide, however, was Jackson’s obsession with sex. The album was packed with tracks about her bedroom exploits and even spawned a hit, If, that was an ode to oral sex.

Ever since, Jackson has been doing the dirty in public, although few people noticed and none ever seemed to take offence. Her last album, All for You, in 2001, may have been musically patchy, but there were lots of steamy lyrics and, on Son of a Gun, the standout collaboration with Carly Simon, even hardcore swear words. By then, Jackson was stripping off as often as possible, but at worst, she was seen as a little bit bad. Naughty perhaps, but still nice.

So you can hardly blame her for flashing an impressively decorated nipple. How else was she supposed to make people listen? And if you still can’t understand why she did it, Damita Jo might explain. Jackson’s eighth album (the title, apparently, is her middle names) is a 22-track masterpiece that, if you don’t pay enough attention, you might dismiss as frothy dance-pop. On first listen, admittedly, there’s little that gets up and grabs you. It’s all perfectly pleasant, slickly produced and toe-tappingly catchy, but there’s no new musical ground broken and no songs that sound like a No 1 single.

Two plays later, however, and Damita Jo reveals itself to be something rather special. Suddenly, rather than sounding like a take on Jazzy Jeff’s Summertime, the opening title track turns out to be a clever, classy, hip-shaking song with a groove that’s hard to get out of your head. Singles are popping up everywhere: the gorgeous, guitar-backed Island Life, with its mid-song strings break, the Evelyn “Champagne” King sampling, peak-era Prince-style R&B Junkie, and My Baby, featuring the hot new hip-hop star Kayne West.

Her vocals have taken an adventurous turn — rather than just sounding sweet, she trips out lines in time to a beat, half-raps, hits high notes like her brother Michael and gasps as though she’s singing while, well, having sex.

And while we’re on the subject (again) there’s hardly a song here that Jackson keeps her clothes on for. On Strawberry Bounce, she’s teasing a man on his knees, Warmth is an explicit description of the act of arousal and on Moist, well, enough said.

Ironically, these are Jackson’s least personal lyrics for years. In the past her albums have had some sort of relationship story. On Damita Jo, she seems to be having random action all over the place — on a beach in Island Life, or on a weekend at home in Spending Time with You. Good God, the girl can’t even go clubbing without getting X-rated over the vibrations of the bass — the superb Herbie Hancock-sampling All Night (Don’t Stop).

On its own, of course, singing about sex isn’t enough to make a great album. It didn’t work on All for You. This time though, Jackson’s longtime collaborators, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and those old R&B hands Dallas Austin and Babyface, have all stepped up to the challenge.

Their style may sound a little dated — there’s no nicking from the Neptunes here. Rather than the sparse beats most R&B stars demand these days, Jackson has encouraged them to throw layers of keyboards, bass, handclaps, brass, strings and backing vocals or raps into the mix. So it doesn’t sound like typical 21st-century R&B, but then there’s enough of that around already.

Now here’s the odd part. Tacked on to the end of the album is an average, uptempo pop song called Just a Little While. And it’s the first single. Why? Probably because Jackson’s nipple caused such a fuss, it was thought too risqué to release a sex song. Talk about missing the point.


Houston Album Listening Party

A listening party will take place on Monday 29th March in Houston, Texas to celebrate the release of Janet’s new album, Damita Jo.

Presented by:
Diva Promotions, 3600 Entertainment & Virgin Records
Monday, March 29th, 2004
8pm – Until Late
Club Rainbow
1417 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77006

First 50 people receive free poster. Contact Info: Sheila Gatlin (832) 766-DIVA & Corey Greenwood (281) 685-5624


IMPORTANT: Janet getting NO UK airplay

A dedicated fan has asked me to put this up on the site. It’s very important and I have also included, at the end a list of email addresses to send your requests to. Even if you’re not in the UK, you can still request Janet. We need to group together and get requesting.

Daz have you seen this weeks MusicWeeK? Janet is not getting ANY airplay on UK stations they reported that the video for JALW is the highest new entry on the video chart at number 13 but the single is at 424 on the airplay chart which means it’s just not getting played, this has something to do with Virgin pulling it from the radio cos they were delaying the release of the single but, radio should have re-added it to there programms by now, this really serious as DJ is out next week JALW is the only thing to promote it.

The only station that has re-added to there playlist is Radio 2 they have C listed it, I found this really bizarre becuase when the song first went to radio, Radio 1 had it as there single of the week.

Please put this in you news section and try to get the UK fans to ring up Captial, Kiss and Radio 1 and requeat JALW. Thanks. Oggie

We’ve created a special link which when you click will send an email to lots of UK DJs. It will open your email program and then in the email request Janet.

Click here to send an email to request JUST A LITTLE WHILE


Janet and JD visit The Ivy

Janet and JD went for lunch at the Ivy yesterday (March 23rd 2004) in Beverly Hills. Janet was sporting a t-shirt saying “Fuck Off” on it – obviously talking to the press which keeps referring back to the Super Bowl incident. Click the image to the left to enlarge the photo.


Site Updates

Janet Multimedia is forever growing and with help from our friends across the pond in the USA, we’re now bringing you all of Janet’s television appearances from the US as well! We’ve just added clips from Entertainment Tonight, BET’s Access Granted plus older interviews. Check them out in the New Files section.

Also, we’ve just done a huge update of our gallery. We’ve added some new Janet photos from recent months and years gone by. Check them out now!


Someone else sues over Super Bowl

Some other idiotic man is set to sue ViaCom over the Super Bowl performance. Read more at E! Online.


Top of the Pops winner!

Mark Jones became one of the luckiest men on earth when he won a competition to meet Janet backstage at Top of the Pops on Friday March 12th shortly before Janet went on stage to perform Just A Little While. See him being interviewed just before Janet’s performance at Janet Multimedia.