Janet in V Magazine

{{popup vmagazine.jpg vmagazine 302×409}}Janet will be on the cover of the new edition of V Magazine which hits that shops on March 15th to coincide with the single release of Just A Little While in Europe.

Image Source: Fashion Wire Daily



By Darren

Founder of Janet Love. Have met and interviewed Janet several times. Fan since 1998.

10 replies on “Janet in V Magazine”

does she ever age shes looks so youthful that beautiful chocolate skin gorgeous it doesn’t get better than janet jackson. 😀 😀

I just love her funky sense of style, she is just too cute and the pic is so original, nobody does it like Janet and I love how she always shows jus’ a lil peice of that tatoo,mm mm mm sista is just too fine 😉

😀 Okay the picture is in black and white. That is not her hair, she’s wear a fur coat. If you look closely you can tell she has her hair curled. Janet is alway pretty. She can shave all of her hair off ans still look good.

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