Damita Jo CD Cover

{{popup damitajo.jpg Damita Jo 600×600}}From NY Daily News: Janet Jackson is flashing some more flesh. Ignoring the uproar about her Super Bowl spectacle, the singer is pushing ahead with a topless photo on her new CD.
The shot shows Jackson wearing only low-rise jeans, with her arms wrapped around her shadow-bathed breasts.

At first, one of her spokespeople denied the photo was for her CD, “Damita Jo” (that’s her middle name). The rep said the Web-blanketing image was fabricated by “someone on the Internet.”

But, eventually, her label confirmed it was real. A spokesman at Virgin, her ironically named label, told us: “She just wanted a simple and youthful picture that she felt people would like. It’s beautiful, soft. So far, fans love it. The Web sites have been going crazy.”

Certainly, the photo, by Andrew McPherson, is more tasteful than her halftime show.

We’ll have to wait to find out what Jackson has planned for other photos in the album spread. “They’re still working on the package, but they wanted to approve the cover first,” said the rep.

The album hits stores on March 30.



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